Technology has completely changed the way we exist. Due to smartphones’ popularity and quick rise, communication has become easier and more effective since the introduction of the first cell phone. Irrespective of whether the business is small, medium, or large, companies are looking for more efficient and effective ways of brand marketing to increase sales, lead generation and build a brand image with their targeted group of customers.

SMS Marketing is the most common and well adopted method to communicate with customers. 

90 seconds is the average response time of an SMS. In contrast, it typically takes 90 minutes to respond to an email. It has been proven that SMS marketing and promotional campaigns are effective with a wide variety of marketing and promotional campaigns. 

In this blog, you will read about how SMS Marketing is bringing a revolution in e-commerce and is all set to be far from being a gimmick.

SMS Marketing – A Revolution

Marketing, sales, development, branding, and other business strategies continually evolve in response to customer demands and needs. In addition, the SMS e-commerce revolution is sweeping the nation because consumers prefer to receive notifications from their favourite businesses via text message and are more likely to be noticed as compared to other modes of texting.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Several industries have recognised the remarkable advantages of SMS marketing for increasing customer communication.

  • Use SMS to Improve Conversion Rates

The benefits of SMS in business are numerous, even with the widespread use of instant messaging through apps. For instance, SMS still has a higher conversion rate than its modern/ OTT competitors. In addition, by communicating discounts or deals by SMS, people are more likely to visit the establishment and take advantage of them. 

  • Use SMS as a Low Cost Acquisition Strategy 

Cloud messaging services further enhance the advantages of Bulk SMS, making it a very affordable communication method. Cloud-based messaging companies provide Bulk SMS through their platform or SMS API, enabling businesses to quickly and easily connect with thousands of clients. SMS is more cost-effective when compared to other marketing strategies like ATL/BTL strategies, billboards, television, mobile, or magazine ads. In addition to this, this form of messaging provides more effective results at a very low cost.

  • Use SMS for Instant Gratification with Immediate Delivery

Businesses can communicate with a lot of individuals at once via bulk SMS marketing. Text messaging is a quick marketing technique that puts your message in front of people in real time. Today’s digital generation always carry their mobile phones, making it simpler to deliver your message to them. The immediate delivery of SMS messaging helps customers to make quick decisions. 

Mtalkz, a specialist in cloud communication space, has direct and indirect connections with Indian and global telecom operators to deliver your messages all around the world. Mtalkz’s SMS gateway allows for immediate delivery of messages. Instant communication allows businesses to reach clients within seconds.

Use Cases of SMS Marketing

Nowadays, businesses have started using SMS services for various reasons. Some of them are message alerts, transactional receipts, promotional offers and deals, order status and many more, which ultimately lead to brand building and customer retention.

  • Reminders

Customers are informed about their orders by reminders, which are notifications. People lose focus on their purchases while engaged in other pursuits. Customers might overlook an email regarding a meal delivery, but what about a text message? It will manifest. Text messages can be used by online meal delivery services to notify clients about the status of their food orders.

  • Launch of a New Product

Businesses want to let customers know when they have a new product or service. These announcements may not stand out in a busy email inbox, but they significantly impact when sent as SMS.

  • Two-way Communication

Customers can be reached through texting to share, product details, policy details, KYC details, order shipment details, and other resources. With CTAs like “For more information, text XYZ to 63111,” businesses use SMS to disseminate information about their services.

  • Transactional Receipts

After a customer makes a purchase, businesses can email or text them a receipt. In addition, they can use mobile receipts to convey purchase information to the customers whether they operate an online or a physical store.

SMS Marketing Fuels Growth for Small Businesses

As e-commerce expands at an exponential rate and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) rises, companies must cultivate customer relationships to survive. Undoubtedly, using an SMS marketing approach would help small businesses. It’s the simplest way to communicate with potential and current customers, provide promotions, and raise in-person sales. One of the top CPaaS solution providers, Mtalkz, has experience of working and scaling with various e-commerce platforms and startups. Mtalkz’s offers integrations with leading CRMs and E-commerce platforms also to quickstart your sms messaging for potential customers.

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