Perceptibly, customer experience and engagement are unlocking their prominence. Keeping your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds requires engaging them and enhancing their experience. The more fully involved they are, the longer you can keep them, and the more loyal they will be to you.

With over 2.2 billion active users across 180 countries, WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app and the largest messaging platform in the world (based on downloads on the Play Store). Due to its simplicity and powerful native features, WhatsApp is a reliable medium for communication, marketing and business sales. As a result, its user base is continually expanding. 

Among WhatsApp’s features are conversational chatbots that can be used to assist customers and answer FAQs in an automated way. With WhatsApp chatbot for business, brands can activate conversational commerce, send proactive alerts, provide real-time customer support, and share information about goods and services with customers.

The Mtalkz 2 Min Bot makes the connection of brands with their customers effortless. 

The multi-step procedure for hiring and keeping a customer care representative is expensive. The AI-integrated chatbots, which are available as a standalone application for tier 1 customer support, effectively reduce human interaction, modernising business and resulting in improved customer service and agent efficiency.

WhatsApp Chatbot

Let’s delve deep into the comprehension of the WhatsApp chatbot and how you can benefit from its integration. 

How Is Our 2-Min Bot Going To Benefit You?

With over a million users enrolling on the app, the number of people you may contact over WhatsApp grows exponentially. Since it is the third most downloaded app worldwide, the likelihood that your present or potential clients are using it is high. WhatApp chatbots, with their resilient features, can improve CX.

Here are some of the features of WhatsApp chatbot integration:

whatsapp chatbot

1. Amplify Your Reach

WhatsApp estimated that more than 100 billion messages are sent and received per day in 2021. 

The most widely used messaging service, WhatsApp, may already be installed on your clients’ phones. It makes it possible for your clients to obtain support on their everyday chosen platform.

Businesses follow their clients on informal channels, and WhatsApp is undoubtedly the biggest.

By setting up a company profile on a chatbot, a business makes itself more accessible. The profile should include the company’s address, website address, and a thorough business description. To assist clients in finding routes for physical visits, Google Maps can be connected to the business’s address. In addition, a corporate profile offers the organisation a recognisable face and identity, fostering greater user loyalty.

2. Easier, Faster, And Quicker FAQ Resolution

If you own a business, your customers frequently ask doubts and inquiries. Users are constantly looking for information, whether it be on home loan applications for banks or refund and order statuses for eCommerce firms. You, however, perform this task every day.

A WhatsApp chatbot relieves you of all of that work. Therefore, a WhatsApp chatbot can answer all your most frequent inquiries – day or night!

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3. Reduces Cost

The availability of WhatsApp chatbots around-the-clock does away with the need for a full-time customer service agent.

By decreasing the frequency of chatbot-to-human handovers, which many consumers find to be slow and annoying, bots can be created to answer increasingly complicated inquiries. WhatsApp chatbots are a welcome alternative, far less expensive to build and operate than a team of customer service agents, especially considering the additional cost of medical insurance and other benefits based on business policy.

4. Cross Selling & Up Selling

A Whatsapp chatbot can also help in cross selling and up selling. Increased sales, improved customer experience, boost customer engagement and optimise operational efficiency are all some of the benefits one can reap. With the help of enhanced data analytics, a chatbot can collect and analyse customer data, helping businesses make more informed decisions about future sales and marketing strategies.


Why Do You Require A WhatsApp Chatbot For Your Company?

  1. It enhances question response, lowers customer churn, and automates repetitive operations that can undermine the effectiveness of human agents.
  2. Whatsapp Chatbot’s customisation enhances customers’ shopping experiences, with 24/7 customer support and many more features that it offers.
  3. It collects and examines client information and provides insights for a better user experience that encourages repeat business.
  4. It gives consumers access to 24/7, on-demand customer care, which is both required and welcomed.

Time To Shift To “2 Min Bot” With Mtalkz

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68% of people believe WhatsApp is the easiest way to engage with businesses. 

Gone are the days of generic, one-size-fits-all responses. In this world, chatbots are able to understand a customer’s unique needs and preferences and provide tailored answers and recommendations based on this data. This level of personalization leads to higher customer satisfaction and engagement and drives business success. 

As your WhatsApp business solution supplier, we are here to assist you in communicating with your clients at every touchpoint via their favourite app.

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