If you wish to market in real-time, using SMS messages is essential. But for SMS services to be successful— the campaign must be well-planned, trackable and measurable.

You can send bulk messages to your  audience segments, or you can send customised messages to further personalise the experience. By using this strategy, you may circumvent other marketing noise like social media ads and email marketing campaigns and reach customers straight on their phones. As 75% of customers anticipate receiving SMS with special bargains and offers, studies predict that the number of smartphone users and business text messaging will continue to be significant factors for years to come. 

This blog will lay an outline of what SMS API means and what the steps are to send an effective SMS for attracting and retaining customers.

What is an SMS API?

Using a bulk SMS Gateway, cross-platform communication is made possible using an SMS API, a computer software interface. Other computer programmes can access a computer program’s features through an application programming interface or API. Although users cannot view APIs, they are used in software programmes in the background. The app’s coders instead create this connection using a common protocol on both sides. 

How to Send an Effective SMS Message?

To effectively send SMS message, you need to follow certain steps such as: 

  • Know Your Target Audience

Before starting a text-messaging campaign, it’s crucial to research your market because customers only respond to communications that they feel are intriguing and relevant. Consider the average age, ethnicity, hobbies, shopping inclinations, and cell phone usage of your target users. Utilise this knowledge to develop a message that appeals to them. Sending text messages containing coupons that recipients may only use online may not make sense, if your target audience doesn’t spend much time online. 

  • Create Your Message

A successful text message uses words or phrases that quickly capture the reader’s attention. To persuade customers to open the message, use words like “coupon,” “sale,” or “special deal” in the opening sentence. If you’re sending the message to someone you know, think about starting it with the name of your company. If you’re making the customer an offer, be sure to provide him with clear instructions on how to accept it. To reduce confusion, keep the message as brief as possible. However, refrain from utilising text speak or slang. 

  • Add Value to your Messages

Create a sense of personality for your company to better interact with customers. Use your texts to compel, persuade, and inspire them. By including recipients’ names and other unique information in your bulk SMS services using our mail-merge technology, you can give them a more personalised feel. Deliver documents like menus, rate cards, receipts, or eye-catching flyers right to your customers’ mobile devices using Mtalkz platform. . Your texts’ conversion rates will increase significantly if all the information is clear and accessible.

  • Choose the Right Time to Send

There is no ideal moment to send promotional text messages. There are good times and poor times to send messages, despite SMS’s astounding 98% open rates suggesting otherwise. Various people have different reactions to marketing text messages. For instance, certain clients might respond favourably to SMS sent first thing in the morning, whilst others might be more receptive to your communications later in the day.

  • Measure Your Marketing Effectiveness

The amount of leads and sales created over the campaign, as well as how successfully the company’s client acquisition costs are reduced during that campaign, are used to determine the effectiveness of marketing. The success of a bulk SMS campaign is dependent on a number of variables, including click-through rate, conversion rate, delivery rate, and response rate, among others.

  • Collect Customer Feedback

Receiving feedback on prospects’ and customers’ experiences with your brand is simple with SMS texting. They are not required to create an account or complete a long form. Answering a few straightforward questions with “yes” or “no” is frequently all that is required.

Win Over Your Audience with Mtalkz

Owing to bulk SMS APIs, businesses can quickly and automatically send millions of SMS messages. 

To integrate the SMS API and send SMS message campaigns to your audience, you must connect with an SMS delivery provider like Mtalkz.  Mtalkz provides APIs, HTTPS, encryption, and Webhooks in addition to real-time support available round the clock. Contact Mtalkz, a cloud-based communication platform, right away to begin offering fantastic customer experiences with an SMS gateway.