Many users are having this question in their mind in which they want to send 1000 sms at a time free online. Some of the users want it for their personal use and some of the users want it for professional use also like sending promotions related to their company, sending transactional messages like tracking details, shipping information, etc.

How to Send 1000 Text Messages at Once

Now the main question arises, how to send bulk SMS? The answer is pretty simple, there are many bulk SMS service providers in India who can provide you with the web portal to send 1000s of SMS at a time. The process is simple, just purchase the package according to your use-case, you will get the login credentials, you have to log in to the portal and enter the required details like the content (what needs to be sent) and sender ID (6 alphabet ID) from which the SMS will be delivered, after that you have to add the numbers on which you want to send the SMS, you can upload the excel/CSV sheet as well.

Startup Offer From Mtalkz

Start-up’s always require a real time automated communication towards its external and internal customers while sending the OTP’s, alerts and notifications. Mtalkz transactional SMS API can fully fill these requirements in a cost effective way while providing the most premium SMS routings with best delivery rates.

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Note: Unused credits expire at the end of 6 months, this offer cannot be combined with any other purchase. T&C apply.

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How to do DLT registration?

The process for the DLT registration is simple and easy, just choose any service provider like Jio, Airtel, BSNL, etc and follow the step by step process. The DLT registration requires some documents like GST certificate/Certificate of incorporation, Company’s PAN card, LOA (Letter of Authorization). When you upload all the documents in the DLT portal, they will be approved within 5-7 business days. After DLT registration, you have to get your sender ID and Templates approved and once it is done, you can choose any SMS provider (mTalkz Mobility).

Advantages of Bulk SMS

There are many advantages of having bulk SMS, some of them are mentioned below:

  1. You can promote your business on 1000s of numbers at a time.
  2. Send customised SMS for customer engagement
  3. Send personalised SMS for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  4. You can even integrate it with your website/CRM for sending transactional SMS like shipping details, order tracking, order ID, invoice, reminders, etc.
  5. It is the cheapest way of marketing as SMS will hardly cost you 11 or 12 paise per SMS depending on the operator.
  6. Tracking links can be useful to track the opening rate of your SMS.

So, if we talk about bulk SMS services, there are many advantages and doubts, it is one of the greatest ways of doing business marketing. So what are you waiting for? Just contact our experts and start using our bulk SMS service to send 1000 sms at a time free online.