WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app used by millions of people around the world. However, sending a large number of messages on WhatsApp can take time and effort, especially if you need to send them to multiple recipients.

Are you looking to send a message to a large group of people on WhatsApp but don’t want to spend hours manually typing out each message? With WhatsApp Business API, you can simultaneously send messages to thousands of people, saving you time and effort.

Now, back to the matter at hand. Sending 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp may seem daunting, but with the right know-how and some simple tools with Mtalkz, you’ll be able to blast out your message to all your contacts in no time.

Are you ready to become the ultimate WhatsApp wizard and learn how to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp? Well, get ready to save yourself a lot of time with this guide!

Steps to use the broadcast feature on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business App:

For Android phones:

  1. Launch the WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business app and go to the Chats section.
  2. Look for the three vertical dots or the ‘Menu’ icon located in the upper-right corner.
  3. Tap on it and select ‘Choose New Broadcast’ from the options.
  4. Now, you can select the 100 contacts you wish to send messages to.
  5. Once you have chosen the contacts, tap on the green tick in the lower-right corner to confirm the selection.
  6. You are now ready to send a broadcast message to the selected 100 contacts simultaneously.

For iOS phones:

  1. Open the WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business app on your iOS device.
  2. Tap on the Chats tab located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. In the upper-right corner, you will find the Broadcast Lists option. Tap on it.
  4. Select the desired broadcast list or create a new one by tapping on the plus icon.
  5. Now, you can choose the 100 contacts you want to include in the broadcast list by selecting the checkboxes next to their names.
  6. After selecting the contacts, you are ready to send a broadcast message to all the chosen recipients using your iOS device.

The Need To Send 1000 Messages To Customers

In many situations, you’ll want to send the same message to all your contacts or clients without manually entering the messages.

The following are the reasons for sending WhatsApp 1000 messages to your clients:

  1. To inform your customers about new events and announcements
  2. Updating them about the latest products in line
  3. Informing about the discounts and ongoing schemes
  4. Sending personalised messages
  5. To strengthen your brand’s recall

WhatsApp Business API | A Powerful Tool

WhatsApp Business API is a powerful tool that enables businesses to connect with their customers on the world’s most popular messaging platform. It allows businesses to send automated messages, provide customer support, and even facilitate transactions directly through WhatsApp.

It allows businesses to create a verified WhatsApp Business account and use it to communicate with their customers.

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Ways to send WhatsApp messages to many people: 

  • Automated Messages

Businesses can create pre-designed templates for automated messages such as order confirmations, shipping notifications, appointment reminders, etc. It saves time and provides quick and easy communication with customers.

  • Customer Support

With WhatsApp Business API, businesses can provide customer support via chat. In addition, it enables customers to get quick answers to their queries, which helps improve customer satisfaction.

  • Transactional Messages

Businesses can also facilitate transactions through WhatsApp, such as booking reservations or making payments. As a result, it provides customers with a seamless experience and helps businesses streamline their operations.

  • Analytics

It also provides analytics, enabling businesses to track message delivery rates, response times, and other essential metrics. As a result, it helps businesses optimise their communication strategy and improve their customer experience.

  • Third-Party Integrations 

WhatsApp business APIs support integration with multiple third-party tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, marketing automation tools, chatbots, and more. This helps to enhance business communication with customers, streamline workflows and automate specific tasks. 

Using the WhatsApp Business API requires technical expertise and compliance with WhatsApp’s policies and guidelines. Therefore, working with an authorised WhatsApp Business Solution Provider is recommended to ensure a smooth and compliant implementation.

It is a powerful business tool to improve customer engagement and streamline communication channels.

Sending WhatsApp 1000 Messages In 3 Simple Steps

  • Sign Up For Whatsapp Business API

You must create a verified WhatsApp Business account and register for WhatsApp Business API through an authorised WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, such as Mtalkz.

  • Set Up Your Message Templates

You must create message templates in advance to send messages using WhatsApp API Integration. Furthermore, these templates must be pre-approved by WhatsApp to ensure they comply with their policies.

  • Use The API To Send Messages

Once your account is set up, and your templates are approved, you can use the WhatsApp Business API to send messages to your customers. You can send messages through the API or use automation tools to send messages automatically.

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