An SMS API allows you to integrate SMS services with your website, third-party application, mobile app, or CRM. It is one thing where you can’t afford to have a cyber threat. 

SMS-based bot attacks are on the rise these days, and if you use bulk SMS API for communicating with your customers, you need to be on the lookout for the safety of your accounts.

These bots can cause a lot of damage, ranging from hacking into your accounts to denying you access to your accounts even when you are a credible user. 

Hence, protecting your SMS API account against these attacks is necessary to save your business from customer loss and losing your reputation in the market.

Mtalkz is DLT-compliant and provides safe and secure SMS integration. In this blog, we provide best practices to help you secure your SMS API account.

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Need To Protect Your SMS API From Attacks:

SMS APIs are essential for businesses constantly looking to enhance customer communication. They help businesses interact with their customers and communicate various updates and alerts.

API security breaches can seriously damage a business’s reputation and lead to significant financial losses. For instance, if customer data is exposed, it can result in lost revenue, eroded trust, and even identity theft. Therefore, businesses must understand how to secure their APIs to avoid losing customer trust.

Additionally, neglecting to safeguard SMS APIs from cyber-attacks can have legal consequences. Many countries have laws to safeguard customer data, and businesses may face fines and lawsuits if a bot attack results in a breach of personal information. To prevent such incidents, it’s vital to implement protective measures for SMS APIs. It includes incorporating multi-factor authentication, setting up rate limits, and consistently monitoring traffic for suspicious activity.

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These precautions are essential for maintaining customer trust and complying with legal requirements.

SMS API Security Best Practices:

  • Use A Strong Password

A strong defence starts with a strong and unique password for your SMS API account. The essence of a secure password lies in its length and complexity. Your password should comprise a minimum of eight characters, incorporating at least one uppercase letter and a number. 

Remember, the more characters you add, the harder it becomes for potential intruders to crack your password.

  • Change Passwords Periodically

Adding an extra layer of security involves changing your passwords at regular intervals. In the Security section of the Customer Portal, there’s an option to enforce password changes every 30 days. This practice significantly reduces the risk of unauthorised access and potential account takeovers.

  • Block Known Threats

Vigilance is key, especially regarding potential threats from known proxy sites. Only underestimating the capabilities of bots and assuming they will exploit advanced technologies can be a costly mistake. 

While blocking known proxy sites may not provide foolproof protection, it is a deterrent, discouraging malicious bots from targeting your account through these gateways.

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  • Monitor And Log Activity

Active monitoring and logging of bulk SMS API usage are crucial to maintaining a secure environment. Log critical details such as IP addresses, user agents, timestamps, and request payloads. 

Regularly analyse these logs to detect irregular patterns or suspicious activities indicative of a bot attack.

  • New Device Login Verification

Embrace the added security layer of new device login verification within the SMSAPI system. When attempting to access the portal from a different computer, an SMS verification code will be sent to ensure the legitimacy of the login. 

Moreover, you can designate specific devices as trusted, streamlining future logins without SMS confirmation.

  • Connection Encryption

Guarantee a secure connection to SMS API by employing an SSL certificate issued by reputable suppliers. This encryption spans both the browser version of the website and references via the API.

It is a formidable barrier against potential information interception during platform connections by devices intervening in network communication, such as internet service providers.


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