Businesses are using SMS marketing as a technique to acquire, interact, inform and keep the customers engaged with their brand. Additionally, this enables companies to reach out to their customers via SMS which helps in increasing customer retention.

Advertising industry is one of them who can get maximum benefit from the immense potential of SMS marketing by using them correctly. As a result, sales as well as customer engagement both can be maximised by using promotional SMS messaging service to reach out the customer base. 64% of consumers, according to a recent survey, think that companies ought to SMS them more often.

SMS messaging is way more quicker and easier to reach out millions of individuals at once and increases engagement ratio as well. Businesses may use SMS campaigns to engage with customers directly and get their attention immediately, whether running profitable flash sales with discounts or creating a loyalty programme for new clients.

In this blog, we will discuss how Promotional Messaging can help startup businesses to elevate and conquer the marketing space. 

Promotional Messaging – The secret behind booming startups

For startups, promotional SMS services can be a necessity as it helps them to reach out their targeted group of potential customers with ease. It’s one of the best ways to connect with the customers and let them know  about the brand and the promotional offers.  The fact that 75% of consumers desire to receive SMS with exclusive offers points to the significance and necessity of SMS.

How do Promotional Messages work?

Promotional SMS messaging is a technique that businesses use to connect with customers in a personalised way for marketing and advertising campaigns. Each message attempts to convince the reader to open the link or click the button that will lead them to a website where they may afterwards make a purchase of the advertised goods. Or perhaps the message conveys a sense of urgency and incentive to act right away. Businesses also use promotional SMS messages to advertise their services and events. These messages frequently include deals and discounts to attract customers and boost conversion rates.

How do Users React to Promotional Messages?

SMS marketing gives the highest chance of connecting with every single consumer because most people always have their phones with them. The highest open and response rates are found in direct message marketing via SMS. Approximately 97% of SMS messages are opened and read in less than 15 minutes. It is much easier to read SMS texts than to ignore them.

Features of Promotional Messages

  • Personalisation

Personalised SMS is the most effective way to advertise a good or service. Your SMS marketing strategy’s success can be ensured by creating promotional programmes specifically tailored to the target market. Businesses must take into account the age, gender, location, and their preferences to improve customer relation with each and every promotional SMS.

  • Call-To-Action

A call-to-action is an interactive feature that persuades clients to complete a specific job in order to take advantage of an opportunity presented by your business. Your text message marketing campaign might not be successful if your promotional SMS doesn’t contain a CTA. No CTA will result in low click-through rates and conversions. Make sure the CTA is visible and apparent as well.

  • Precision

Promotional SMS should convey the necessary and relevant information in an easy-to-understand manner to reach out to all types of consumers  . For instance, if a business is advertising a sale, it should be obvious when it starts and when it ends.

Get Success Ready with Mtalkz

An SMS API platform is one of the best options for sending promotional bulk SMS messages for the businesses. Which allow them to send messages via their website, platform, or application. The majority of the time-consuming chores related to their businesses and SMS requirements can also be handled by them. Additionally, they offer connections with several CRM and ERP programmes.

Customers may get marketing communications and notifications from Mtalkz, which are crucial for the company.