In this highly competitive era, it has become very essential for any Start-up to penetrate in the market and position themselves as a market giant at the initial level of their product life cycle. There might be various strategies for any startup to position its image but one of the most important aspects is customer satisfaction. Customer communication plays a vital role while you want to provide a value proposition to your business over the existing competitors. 

mTalkz is an online service provider that offers various services like SMS API, WhatsApp API, email marketing, RCS marketing and many more for the growth and survival of a business. It offers a wide range of communication solutions for banks, retail, startup, BFSI, healthcare, education, marketing, fin-tech and various other sectors. mTalkz helps to generate growth for its customers by providing accurate reports, efficient delivery, precise targeting, and intelligent integrations.

Following are the mTalkz services that can drastically improve your customer enrichment, interaction and help to enhance the customer experience and their ease while interacting with the brand.

OTP Authentication: Every App or UI would always require OTP signup, where mTalkz OTP SMS services enable the highly efficient delivery experience in terms of OTP authenticator which is also supported by voice OTP’s and email OTP’s. 

Real-time Notification: Every real-time notification from the first login till the completion of the customer journey can be floated via trans SMS API. Where a start-up can send the real-time customised notification towards the end-user.

End to end customer support over WhatsApp: WhatsApp API is highly trending nowadays where any SAAS provider/start-up can provide end to end customer support within a single click while minimising the manual efforts, can send real-time notification (Rich Media) and deploy the unique customer experience. 

Lead Generation & Market Penetration: mTalkz SMS and voice campaign services are always helpful to generate new onboarding and market.

Marketing Automation: Our highly-advanced marketing automation tool signifies the behavioural segmentation and pattern of the existing and prospective data accordingly the brands can trigger out their marketing campaigns.

Some Start-up Offer by mTalkz

  1. 20k FREE Transactional SMS per month for the first 6 months 
  2. 20k FREE Transactional Emails per month for the first 6 months 
  3. 20k Transactional SMS+ 20k Promotional SMS + 20K Transactional Email for 2900/- Plus Gst for the first  6 months. (T&C Apply)

So rest back and enjoy the benefits of using a marketing automation tool for the growth of your business with mTalkz and at affordable prices. Avail mTalkz premium offer now and Skyrocket your Business.