Businesses are exploring new innovative technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to demonstrate their products, attract new customers and increase sales. When it comes to traditional channels for messaging and informing customers, text messaging and email marketing are the most popular digital channels that have come a long way. SMS has been, without a doubt, proven to be a game-changer if your customer base is large enough and your resources are strong. 

Approximately 34% of people read messages within 5 minutes, and therefore, most customers prefer to send SMS messages to businesses rather than call them.

Transform Your Business with SMS Marketing

  • High Open and Response Rates

SMS marketing has the highest chance of reaching any specific customer in a day as most people have their phones with them. SMS marketing offers some of the best open and response rates of direct-messaging marketing. Nearly 97% of SMS messages are opened and read in under 15 minutes. It’s easier to open text messages than it is to ignore them.

As an outcome of the high open rates of SMS, customer engagement is enhanced. A customer who interacts with your business regularly is more likely to become a retaining customer. Another reason behind the link between SMS marketing and customer retention is the high-end speed of SMS delivery. SMS messages can send out flash sale notifications that rely on quick reactions. Hence, SMS messages are effective in a way that emails cannot match. 

  • Cost-Efficiency

Traditional marketing techniques are among the most expensive techniques for businesses. You can save money and boost your communications by using atypical, successful options like Mtalkz’s Bulk SMS marketing platform. Simple and effective advertising is always preferable over costly or difficult-to-track choices. Relieve yourself from the strain of paying for commercials, mailings, or the creation of sophisticated campaigns. Instead, align your budget on the actions that matter by following cost-effective SMS marketing best practices. By giving customers exactly what they need, at the right time, your business will gain advocates in a way that even traditional advertising can’t accomplish.

  • Convenient Customer Service

SMS marketing is useful for customer service due to the quick interaction that makes it great for marketing. However, because response times are slow, many customers will refrain from writing or sending emails to a corporation.

Customers’ responses to text messages, on the other hand, can be received in minutes. The quick text response rates demonstrate your ability to offer information instantly. You gain your audience’s trust and support when they can get solutions whenever they need them. 

Just make it clear that texting can be utilised for assistance. For instance, “Hi XYZ, [company name] is proud to have you as a customer. We value your feedback! Feel free to reach out to us on [contact number] for any queries.” Add this information to your website and send it to new customers in a message to make sure everyone is aware of what’s available and also feels valuable.

How SMS Marketing Drives Sales

SMS marketing has many advantages over simply keeping your customer engagement rates high. It also assists you in increasing sales. Whether you are new in the business or an established firm, investing in developing successful messages, studying your customer demographics, and pushing your SMS campaigns will help you optimise the benefits of bulk SMS marketing. There are a lot of renowned brands that use SMS marketing, such as Dominos, Aeropostale, and Subway. These can be considered some of the best performing brands concerning SMS marketing. Connect with Mtalkz, a cloud-based service provider, to assist you in designing and implementing each step necessary for successful bulk SMS marketing.