One of the most effective techniques in the toolbox of marketing professionals worldwide is SMS messaging. Information can be fluidly exchanged through SMS messages. New leads can be quickly attracted, existing clients can be maintained, and the customer base can be continuously updated. 

How to maximise the benefits and impact of SMS messaging, given how effective and profitable it is? First, businesses need to ensure that the messages are delivered appropriately and that the end-point customers have a chance to read them, in addition to having a well-thought-out plan and compelling material.

Sales teams in organisations need to close more deals and keep a continuous flow of new business. With 98% open rates, enterprise text messaging is frequently viewed as a customer communication tool, but its potential applications are continually growing. Smart salespeople are successfully nurturing B2B, and B2C leads through their pipelines by utilising SMS’s speedy delivery and relationship-building capabilities.

Scale via SMS Sale Automation

SMS marketing or sales approaches can be automated to avoid having to communicate with prospects one at a time. As a result, businesses can increase ROI through their current sales process by up to 10x with only one click or a meticulously planned campaign.

Benefits of SMS Sale Automation

SMS seems and feels to the customer or prospect like a personalised, one-on-one discussion sent directly to their cellphone number. Furthermore, SMS sales automation allows businesses to send multiple messages simultaneously. To achieve the highest ROI, they can send millions of tailored messages. Automated enterprise text messaging can be included in the sales process so that businesses can:

  • Scale Sales Processes Effectively and Painlessly

Want to cultivate a large number of prospects? Create an automated workflow that delivers a reminder three days after a customer reaches the consideration stage.

  • Deliver Communications Quickly and Reliably

Suppose businesses want to generate leads more quickly than their rivals while being less intrusive. In that case, instead of calling them to get their attention, text them to let them know about the availability and invite customers to receive a call back when they’re free.

  • Build Relationships with Personalisation and Relevancy

Cultivate relationships with personalisation and relevance. As a result, relationships and trust are developed between the company and its clients.

Stages of Lead Generation via SMS

There are three main stages of lead generation via SMS, including awareness, consideration and decision, and each stage is significant in its way for the benefit of sales automation. 

  • Awareness

Enterprise text messaging can help businesses maintain a relationship with a customer after they take an action like booking for an event or making a store purchase, or give customers their contact information by providing them with extra information they might find interesting. Similar to how email marketing is used, but with quicker involvement. 

  • Consideration

Assume a customer has scheduled a meeting with a representative to see a product demonstration or to ask questions about their service at this point. To ensure that the client shows up and to demonstrate respect for their valuable time, use SMS to send an appointment reminder one day in advance. 

  • Decision

A consumer has consented to a final contract but has not signed or approved it before making their final decision. Text reminders (like appointment reminders) are effective in getting people to make a decision more quickly since they create a sense of urgency. If they sign and return the contract within the next 24 hours, give them an additional discount on their initial deal.

Mtalkz Enhancing Business Communications

In order to scale up successfully, businesses must create an internal environment that will simplify bulk SMS sending efforts. Mtalkz provides SMS APIs that can be integrated with a business platform, with online dashboard and real-time result tracking.



Enterprise text messaging allows companies to use most-preferred mobile channel (SMS) for reaching out to their customers and prospects. Businesses using enterprise text messaging can build up their communication with clients, engage them and ultimately persuade them to buy the company’s product or service that solves the client’s problem.

SMS marketing helps business to expand their market share and sell more products and services by following these easy steps of delivering quality value via SMS to targeted groups of people as per requirement of business objectives.

Enterprise SMS service is one of the cloud-based messaging tools that can help you reach, inform and market to your consumers instantly. With its open rate of 98%, enterprise SMS service is ideal for marketing, sales and customer care.