Business marketing is rapidly evolving, and marketers are challenged every day to explore new technology to promote their products in the competitive market. However, the major goal for any business is to keep their customers wanting more. As a result, delivering a positive customer experience is an essential aspect of differentiation from the competition.

39% of companies’ CEOs believe that a great customer experience is the most efficient and effective method of establishing an edge over competitors. Furthermore, customer service is vital to 96% of customers when deciding whether or not to stay loyal to a brand. Hence, every business needs to maintain excellent customer relationships to increase sales.

The Need for SMS CRM Integration

Thanks to SMS integration, the CRM system won’t have to operate independently.. SMS messaging can now be used as a trigger or a call to action in multiple workflows within existing CRM. Custom connections with native REST-based APIs provided by prominent CPaaS service providers enable this SMS automation. Furthermore, businesses should expect to see higher delivery and open rate along with additional personalisation that a CRM SMS integration brings in. On the other hand, customers will be delighted since they’ll be using their chosen channel with a personal touch.

Benefits of Installing SMS CRM Integration

Every customer-centric company’s principal goal is to increase the number of repeat customers. They do so by employing SMS as a potent marketing tool. SMS will assist businesses in the best possible way if they are committed to the success of their business and continue to put their customers at the centre of everything they do. When integrated into a high-quality CRM system, SMS always offers new business prospects. It enables businesses to put their customer knowledge to work and strategise how to promote repeat sales and loyalty by providing consistent customer experiences. Listed below are the benefits added to SMS CRM integration:┬á

  • Generates Lead Conversation

The truth is that SMS marketing is more than just optimising messages for users’ smartphones. By incorporating text SMS with CRM, businesses can also boost open rates. One of the most significant advantages of bulk SMS is that, when compared to phone calls or emails, SMS messages have the highest open rates.┬á

  • Improves Sales Conversation

Despite the growing usage of instant messaging via apps, SMS has various advantages in the workplace. SMS CRM integration, for instance, still has a higher conversion rate than any of its new-age competitors. This happens because people are more likely to visit a business and act on promotions or offers via SMS than through any other marketing channel. In addition, if businesses use SMS CRM integration to notify customers about promotions, discounts, or retargeting, it will help in real-time communication to increase conversion and, as a result, sales.

  • Triggers Engagement┬á

SMS is a cost-effective and strong tool for informing customers about notable events such as meeting updates, appointment reminders, and other information. As a result, businesses can provide excellent customer service to their users. Receiving a text message does not require internet connectivity; all that is required is a working phone. This is one of the major advantages of SMS for businesses. With the increased use of cell phones, SMS has become a goldmine. Businesses can take advantage of the ability to reach customers directly at their fingertips, allowing them to reach a bigger target audience.

Mtalkz x SMS CRM Integration

Business communication is transforming by cloud messaging services. Cloud messaging enables data-driven initiatives that provide better clarity for future campaigns and allow firms to reach customers in real-time. SMS integrated into CRM is the ultimate success formula for optimum performance and user experience breakthrough. Mtalkz’s SMS CRM integration has several features that will assist businesses in achieving all their objectives, resulting in faster and more convenient business transactions. Mtalkz provides integration with multiple industry-leading CRMs for your business, with use cases for engaging customers to increase loyalty and retention.