As technology advances, new digital marketing techniques emerge. While direct mail, billboards, television, and radio advertisements still have their place, all businesses must adapt to the evolving digital world or bear the risk of losing prospective customers to the competition. Conversational marketing is a new approach that can be incorporated along with the existing marketing strategies. 

Conversational marketing collects data by sending one-on-one messaging to engaged users. This not only saves time but also ensures that businesses are speaking with prospects who are already interested. Due to this new marketing channel, 79% of customers are willing to use chat apps for customer care, and 82% believe that getting a quick answer from businesses is critical anytime they have a question.

Conversational Channels Empowering Businesses

It is anticipated that conversational marketing will continue to develop as a way to solve problems and attract new clients. Businesses will always be able to serve their customers better if they stay up with the latest capabilities and customer preferences regarding conversational marketing.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots have numerous applications and advantages in many marketing instances. Businesses want to ensure that their consumers have access to service 24/7 if they need assistance. Chatbots help in creating a FAQ sequence for business messaging channels and websites. This strategy will help filter out customers who have issues that can be solved by FAQ-driven bots, leaving only those who need to speak with a live customer support representative. As a result, a WhatsApp Chatbot will assist businesses in drastically reducing their workload, allowing them to focus on more difficult jobs. Make sure that the chatbot’s conversation has a human feel. Use GIFs, humour, and other human contact attributes as needed.

  • SMS Campaigns

It’s peculiar how many marketers regard SMS marketing as merely a supplement to other forms of advertising. The fact is that SMS has a much greater open rate than emails. In today’s mobile-centric environment, businesses must adopt marketing methods that target people on their mobile devices, whether online or offline. Businesses can create a series of question sequences that will elicit a response from the consumer and lead to a different conversational path each time they respond with one of the predetermined responses. Fortunately, the success of the bot-assisted SMS marketing strategy can be assessed and evaluated. Businesses can categorise and qualify customers based on their responses, allowing the company to determine what to do next with each customer group.

  • Live Chat

This feature has a significant impact on customer retention and sales. When website visitors have a query while surfing, they feel content to contact the company in real-time to resolve the issue. A chatbox on the business website allows visitors to communicate with their customer support agents in real-time. The goal is to be there for them when they need you. According to a study, 88% of customers will cancel a purchase if they have a bad user experience. Simply put, visitors who leave a website after encountering an unresolved issue are nearly impossible to re-engage. Hence, businesses must resolve customer issues immediately and make them feel valued and heard. 

  • Conversational Landing Page

Landing pages are important for lead creation, but differently than before. Traditional landing pages are aimed at persuading visitors that the product/service offered is the best option. Then, using an on-page CTA element, it will capture their emails or phone numbers, creating a lead. However, a lot has changed since then. There are a lot of steps in the lead-generating process, and with each one, more people fall out of the funnel. Customers today do not want to waste time reading tedious sales copy or conducting extensive research before deciding whether to stand in support or oppose a business. They prefer direct interaction and communication. Use a conversational landing page to keep these people’s attention and increase interaction. On the route to lead generation, this type of landing page uses a live chat agent, a WhatsApp bot sequence, or both to further identify and qualify visitors. More conversions will surely result from converting the landing page forms into dialogues.

Maximise Conversational Marketing with Mtalkz

Conversational marketing has become an excellent marketing tactic that no serious marketer or brand should overlook. Businesses can employ a WhatsApp chatbot to identify and validate leads before moving customers to a live conversation with a sales representative. Businesses can also switch them to a live video broadcast to give a prospective buyer a product demonstration and more. To incorporate all such elements of a WhatsApp business API, companies will need a superior conversational marketing service provider like Mtalkz, which can serve as a one-stop-shop for all their communication needs.