As a business owner, it is essential to effectively reach your customers and keep them informed about daily updates, new offerings, and even order-related information. To achieve this, embracing bulk SMS services is the way forward.

Why? Because a business text message not only swiftly reaches your target audience but is also effortlessly accessible and compatible with nearly all mobile devices. Ready-to-use SMS templates are an efficient way to enhance your SMS marketing efforts. 

These message templates simplify the process, making SMS marketing a breeze for independent businesses. 

In this blog, we’ve curated the 15 best ready-to-use SMS templates to empower your business to connect with customers with an SMS service provider like never before. 

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Confirmation Templates

  1. Thanks for your order! Your booking at [Business Name] is confirmed for [Date & Time]. We can’t wait to serve you!
  2. Your appointment with [Doctor/Service] is confirmed for [Date & Time]. See you soon!
  3. Hi [Customer Name], your payment of ₹(X) for Invoice #[Invoice Number] has been received. Thanks for choosing [Your Company]!

Promotions and Marketing Templates

  1. Exclusive Offer Alert! Get 20% off your next purchase at [Store Name]. Use code SAVE20 in-store or online. Don’t miss out!
  2. Flash Sale! Today only, enjoy massive discounts on your favourite products. Visit [Website] now and shop till you drop!
  3. Hey there, [Customer Name]! We’ve missed you at [Your Store]. Come back and receive a special 10% discount on your next visit!

OTP Authentication Templates

1. Hello [User Name],

Thank you for creating an account with [Your Company]. Your verification code is: [OTP Code].

2. Hi [User Name],

To confirm your recent transaction, please enter the OTP code: [OTP Code].

3. Hello [User Name],

To verify your mobile number, please enter the OTP code sent to your phone: [OTP Code].

Payment Reminder Templates

  1. Friendly reminder: Your payment of ₹(X) for Invoice #[Invoice Number] is due in 3 days. Pay now to avoid any late fees.
  2. Hi [Customer Name], your payment of ₹(X) for Invoice #[Invoice Number] is overdue by 7 days. Please settle this at your earliest convenience.
  3. Don’t forget! Your monthly subscription payment of ₹(X) is scheduled for processing tomorrow. Ensure sufficient funds for a smooth transaction.

Online Review Templates

  1. Hi [Customer Name], we hope you enjoyed your recent experience with [Your Company]. Share your thoughts with us by leaving a review at [Review Link]. Your feedback matters!
  2. Your feedback matters to us! Help us improve by sharing your thoughts on your recent purchase/service at [Your Company]. Leave a review here: [Review Link].
  3. Loved your visit to [Your Restaurant]? Let us know! Leave a review on Google Maps and tell us about your favourite dish.

Appointments and Reminders Templates

  1. Reminder: Your appointment with [Doctor/Service] is tomorrow at [Time]. Please arrive 15 minutes early. Reply ‘CONFIRM’ or call to reschedule.
  2. Hi [Customer Name], this is a friendly reminder of your upcoming appointment at [Appointment Time] on [Date] with [Service/Doctor Name].
  3. Your appointment with [Service/Doctor Name] is just a day away. We look forward to seeing you on [Date] at [Time].

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Effective SMS Practices for Businesses

These message templates, along with promotional message examples, can be employed by businesses to provide productive relationships and engage with their customers. When utilising SMS as a communication tool, business owners should bear in mind several best practices:

  1. Obtain Consent First: Secure their consent before adding individuals to your database.
  2. Keep it Concise: Ensure your SMS templates are to the point and avoid unnecessary details.
  3. Maintain a Friendly Tone: Show respect and friendliness in your communication, avoiding cheekiness or discourtesy.
  4. Avoid Excessive Messaging: Reserve business texts for essential purposes and refrain from spamming, even when you have a tempting offer to share.
  5. Cultivate a Brand Voice: Use SMS as an efficient channel to establish a distinctive brand voice for your business, thoughtfully selecting your tone and style.
  6. Proofread Your Texts: Be vigilant for grammatical or typographical errors, as numerous recipients can notice these.

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