Now that instant messaging apps are a standard in both personal and professional lives, businesses are encashing them to improve customer engagement. Using these messaging apps,  businesses can connect with customers instantly just by texting them at a very low cost and with great efficiency. In addition, businesses can send messages to anyone, anywhere round the globe. 

In the modern communication landscape, instant messaging is being used widely. One of the simplest methods to communicate with friends or coworkers is through real-time messaging. There are currently a vast number of texting apps and services available. However, privacy and security are primary concerns for such apps and that is why it is important to understand the scope of business usage. 

In this blog, let us discuss the advantages of WhatsApp and Telegram and how they work for your business. 

WhatsApp Vs Telegram: Choose the Best for your Business

The market for online messaging apps is dominated by WhatsApp and Telegram only. It is estimated that WhatsApp has 2 billion+ active user base whereas Telegram stands at 500+ million per month. Both of them have their own advantages, but what’s; common among them is the encryption part. This implies that the messages people send are encrypted, making it impossible for anyone to decipher them even if they are intercepted. Let’s dive a little deeper into what these platforms offer to businesses: 

WhatsApp and its Advantages

Users can interact with anyone with whom they want to. Users must provide a regular mobile phone number for registration and service use. In January 2018, WhatsApp introduced an enterprise version called WhatsApp Business API. It enables businesses to interact with customers who use the default WhatsApp comes with several advantages to its users, such as:  

  • WhatsApp communications are end-to-end encrypted. As a result, only businesses and the person they are communicating with can access or read the messages shared.
  • WhatsApp is free of cost and can be used without costing anyone a single cent.
  • Starring messages helps to revisit important messages. It allows businesses to relocate the messages within a particular category. Additionally, it gets easier to keep track.
  • WhatsApp offers catalogue features to the business profiles to display their product and services to the customers at a glance.
  • There is a delivery receipt feature in WhatsApp by which users can check that their message has been delivered and read by the intended recipient or not. 

Telegram and its Advantages

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app. Telegram’s client-side script is open-source software. The server-side code, however, is proprietary. Furthermore, it provides independent developers with APIs. The benefits of using Telegram are: 

  • End-to-end encryption is provided for private chats with the use of MTProto encryption. 
  • It enables users to share huge files up to 2 GB in size. Images, movies, documents, gifs, executable files, and geolocation are all included.
  • Chats on the app have self-destruct timers. It can altogether remove message history from the device.
  • Telegram’s user interface can be customised using a variety of aesthetically pleasing choices.
  • Users have the option of adding a second password to their account, which can be reactivated using email which makes it more secure.

WhatsApp Revolutionising Customer Engagement

Businesses started adapting this online messaging culture  as there is a huge jump in no. of users of online messaging apps as compared to the past 3-4 years. Nowadays, every single individual has access to social media so there’s a very high possibility of instant feedback and zero percent ignorant rate for the messages. As everyone goes online nowadays, be it through social media or a messaging platform like WhatsApp, the methods of marketing and selling products and services are changing as well. Keeping the consumers happy and engaged requires instant, simple, creative and secure communications. Customers that communicate through these channels expect automation as a feature. A WhatsApp chatbot is an effective self-service technology that can help customers quickly locate answers, increasing user engagement and satisfaction.

Service providers like Mtalkz ensure that privacy and security are maintained while businesses utilise their WhatsApp API services. Businesses can get started with WhatsApp API and offer WhatsApp’s conversational chatbots, equipped with customer profiles, quickly overtaking competitors.