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Guide To Choosing WhatsApp Business Pricing Plan

WhatsApp Business Pricing

WhatsApp gained huge popularity in the last few years among businesses, and they are now adopting it as a communication tool with their customers. It has become essential to consider and compare the pricing plans available for WhatsApp businesses. Choosing the right WhatsApp Business plan can help in saving money and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

If you are a business owner looking for efficient communication methods to remain engaged with your customers, WhatsApp API is for you. WhatsApp Business is free, but it is limited only to one device and one user. To solve this problem, WhatsApp introduced its Business API. It is not for free, and WhatsApp API accounts can be made through partners only. WhatsApp business pricing offers end-to-end encryption. Mtalkz WhatsApp business API lets your account automatically send and receive messages and coordinates it with your systems like contact center platforms, etc. When you register as a business account on WhatsApp API, you will enjoy benefits like:

  • Easier identification of your business.
  • Easier access of information like business address, operational hours, description, website, etc.
  • Valuable and engaging two-way communication with your customers.
  • APIs, HTTPS, encryption, and webhooks.
  • High-quality dedicated support.

At Mtalkz, we offer 3 WhatsApp for business pricing plans from which you can pick any that would match your requirements. At reasonable prices, we allow you to pay per conversion be it for your marketing purposes, authentication, utility or service transcations, starting at only ₹0.3082 per conversation.

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Let’s Understand: WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp API

WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp API are two different services, each catering to the varying needs of businesses. While WhatsApp Business API is designed for larger businesses with complex communication needs, WhatsApp API is meant for smaller businesses or individuals looking for personal use.

WhatsApp Business API is a paid service that allows businesses to send and receive messages, integrate with their existing systems, and offer customer support on the WhatsApp platform. It also provides additional features like automated messages, chatbot integration, and custom message templates, making it easier for businesses to manage customer communication at scale.

On the other hand, WhatsApp API is a free service that allows individuals or small businesses to use the WhatsApp platform for personal use or basic communication needs. However, unlike WhatsApp Business API, it does not offer advanced features like chatbot integration or automated messages.

Another difference between the two services is that WhatsApp Business API requires a partnership with a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) to access. In contrast, WhatsApp API can be accessed by anyone who has a WhatsApp account. In addition, WhatsApp Business API also requires compliance with specific policies and guidelines, ensuring the security and privacy of the customer’s data and information.

Integrating complex features like those offered by WhatsApp Business API can be overwhelming. That’s where we step in. With Mtalkz’s services, our team will handle all aspects of the integration process from start to finish. So you can relax knowing that we have the solutions to all your CPASS (Communication Platform as a Service) challenges.

WhatsApp Business API Pricing

By registering your business account, you can benefit from several advantages, including easier identification of your business, improved access to critical information like your business address, operational hours, website, and descriptions, and engaging two-way communication with your customers. Furthermore, the API employs advanced technology like APIs, HTTPS, encryption, and webhooks to ensure seamless communication and data security.

Moreover, opting for WhatsApp business pricing comes with the added benefit of dedicated support from the company’s team, ensuring you receive the highest quality assistance and guidance whenever needed.

Overall, WhatsApp API integration is an excellent choice for businesses seeking efficient and secure communication with their customers, enabling them to establish solid relationships and build lasting loyalty.

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Business API Pricing | Mtalkz

Mtalkz, a leading bulk WhatsApp service provider offers a range of three plans for customers to choose from based on their specific needs. With affordable WhatsApp business pricing options, customers also benefit from the breakneck speed of 50 (basic) or 100 (standard) TPS (transactions per second).

Plans offered by us:

1. Standard

per month/Billed Annually


2. Pro Plan

per month/Billed Annually


3. Enterprise Plan

per month/Billed Annually

₹ Custom Pricing

Along with the three plans mentioned above, there are four different types of conversations: 

1. Marketing Conversations  


 Conversations that are used to promote products or services.

2. Utility Conversations


Messages used for transactions and updating customers about ongoing transactions, post-purchase, and notifications.

3. Authentication Conversations


Messages that are used to authenticate users with OTP.

4. Service Conversations


All user-initiated conversations are categorised as service conversations.

These four types of conversations encompass different communication strategies and objectives, each tailored to specific purposes within the context of marketing, utility, authentication, and service-related interactions.

Visit Our Pricing Page and Find the Perfect Plan for you

Get Started Today With Mtalkz

Acquiring the WhatsApp API has become a simple task nowadays. All you have to do is contact us, and our teams will assist you with the approval process, which will involve using your Facebook Business Manager ID page.

You must have a phone number that has never been used on WhatsApp. The setup time typically takes between 7 to 14 days. Our teams will also guide message and template design to expedite approval.

We can also assist you in purchasing a suitable plan to meet your messaging needs.

Therefore, investing in WhatsApp API Integration can improve customer retention rates, making it a worthwhile purchase. So, why wait? Select the ideal package that fits your needs and budget with Mtalkz and enjoy the benefits of enhanced customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost for WhatsApp Business API?

Our plans are very affordable and start from ₹999. You can check the WhatsApp Business API pricing on our pricing plans page, or you can also connect with our sales team.

  • Is there a setup fee for using the WhatsApp API?

There is no setup fee. You can get started with Mtalkz and pay only for the conversations. 

  • What are free monthly conversations?

Now WhatsApp has introduced pricing for the conversations and you do not need to pay for the messages. With Mtalkz plans, you get 1,000 free conversations per month.

  • What does WhatsApp conversational-based pricing mean if WhatsApp is free?

WhatsApp is free for regular use, but if you want to use the WhatsApp Business API to enhance your business’s presence on the platform and engage with customers, you’ll need to pay based on your conversations.

  • What is the pricing of WhatsApp API for large businesses?

Depending upon your messaging needs the WhatsApp API pricing in India varies from provider to provider. At Mtalkz our pricing plans start as low as ₹999. You can check out our pricing here to get a custom plan as well.

  • How can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can just connect with our customer care at enquiry@mtalkz.com and they will guide you through it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Mtalkz acts as a Trusted Service Provider (TSP), facilitating direct onboarding of customers to the WhatsApp Business API. This means businesses can onboard their customers faster and more efficiently.

WhatsApp CRM, offered by Mtalkz, your trusted WhatsApp business solution provider allows businesses to create rich, interactive shopping experiences for their customers within the WhatsApp platform. This feature enhances customer engagement and makes online shopping more convenient.

Mtalkz provides an added layer of security and trust through Verified IDs. This feature ensures that businesses and customers can confidently interact with one another, knowing that they are dealing with authentic and verified profiles.

WhatsApp Business API is a platform that allows businesses to communicate with their customers through WhatsApp, which is one of the most widely-used messaging platforms in the world. The API provides businesses with a set of tools and features that allow them to automate and streamline their customer communication, such as creating and sending automated messages, handling customer inquiries and support, and building custom workflows.

Integrating WhatsApp API in your website can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. First, you need to purchase the plans by Mtalkz for WhatsApp Business API by visiting here.

  2. Once your application has been approved, you will be given access to the WhatsApp Business API, including the necessary documentation and resources to get started.

  3. Next, you will need to create a WhatsApp Business Account and link it to your website. This can be done by using one of the approved WhatsApp Business API providers, such as Mtalkz.

  4. Once your WhatsApp Business Account is linked to your website, you can then use the API to create and send automated messages, handle customer inquiries and support, and build custom workflows.

  5. To implement the API, you will need to work with a developer who can integrate the API into your website, they will use the WhatsApp Business API documentation and resources provided by WhatsApp to implement the API.

  6. After the integration, you will be able to send messages to customers, such as notifications, alerts, order confirmations, and customer service inquiries.

Please note that it’s important to ensure that your website is compliant with WhatsApp terms of service, security, and data protection measures.

Please contact Mtalkz for more detailed information or assistance with integrating WhatsApp API in your website.

WhatsApp Business automation provides businesses with a set of tools and features that allow them to automate and streamline their customer communication. Some of the reasons why you might need WhatsApp Business messaging include:

  1. Increased efficiency: Automating repetitive tasks and processes can save time and reduce the workload for your team, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

  2. Improved customer experience: Automated messages and workflows can provide customers with faster and more accurate responses, leading to a better overall customer experience.

  3. Enhanced scalability: Automation allows businesses to handle a larger volume of customer inquiries and support requests, which can be especially important as your business grows.

  4. Increased customer engagement: Automated messages and workflows can help increase customer engagement and retention, by providing them with relevant and timely information.

Yes, it is possible to integrate WhatsApp into your app. You can use the WhatsApp Business API to integrate WhatsApp messaging into your app, allowing your customers to communicate with you directly through the app. This integration can include features such as automated messages, customer support, and custom workflows.

If you need assistance with the integration, please contact Mtalkz for more information and support.

You can use just Simple steps Email (support@mtalkz.com) or call (9868629924). Our versatile experts will solve your problem immediately and will help you coordinate with WhatsApp as it may be required.


WhatsApp Business is a free mobile app that businesses can use to manage their WhatsApp communication with customers. It provides businesses with basic features such as creating a business profile, messaging customers, and receiving message templates.

WhatsApp Business API, on the other hand, is a paid platform that allows businesses to integrate WhatsApp messaging into their systems and automate their customer communication. It provides businesses with advanced features such as automated messages, customer support, and custom workflows.

This is a new and emerging area, there are many leading organizations that are attempting to provide whatsapp enablement services but a few that have ability to design and implement the entire journey. Mtalkz scores high among competition for three things.

1. Ability of understand customers business and service requirements.

2. Create tailor made WhatsApp Business API based solutions and driving customer engagement through a combination of SMS, Voice, Social media and emails.

3. Offering irresistible value through economic pricing and comprehensive support.


WhatsApp has mandated certain organisations in each country to act as distribution points for increasing market reach. Mtalkz works with several such approved vendors.  However, its not necessary to take services directly from an approved vendor, only permissions for enablement need to be routed through an approved partner and this will be managed end to end by Mtalkz.


Yes, it is possible to do e-commerce on WhatsApp through the use of WhatsApp Business API. With this API, businesses can integrate WhatsApp messaging into their e-commerce platforms, and use it to communicate with customers and process orders.

To get started with WhatsApp Business API, you will need to have a WhatsApp Business Account and a WhatsApp Business API client, such as Mtalkz.

Mtalkz will also guide you through the process of obtaining and activating your WhatsApp Business API client, and provide you with the necessary documentation and support to start using WhatsApp Business API.

If you have any doubts, please visit www.mtalkz.com/contact-us for more information and support

Getting WhatsApp API is an easy process these days. Once you reach out to us our teams will guide you through an approval process that will be run through your Facebook Business Manager ID pageYou will need a number that has not been used on Whatsapp before Approximate set up time is about 7-14 days.Our teams will also help you and advise you on how to design your messages and templates so that approval is fasterAlso we will help you purchase a plan to support your messaging requirements.

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