In a short period of time, WhatsApp has become the preferred messaging service for 2 billion active users worldwide. It’s a quick, easy, and practical method for family and friends to talk, send and receive documents, exchange photographs and videos, create group SMS, and have private, secure chats whenever they want, day or night. Customers want to connect with businesses in the same way they connect with their family and friends in today’s world of messages, chats, posts, and tweets. As it turns out, messaging services like WhatsApp are dominating the market as people’s go-to communication tools right now.

The WhatsApp Business API enables developers to create brand-new experiences that engage customers more successfully and reach more people in more places across the world. 

This blog dwells on the details of the reasons to integrate WhatsApp API for business and ensure success. 

What is WhatsApp Business API?

With the help of the WhatsApp API, organisations can easily receive and respond to an unlimited number of WhatsApp messages. In order to offer medium and big businesses a customised solution for increasing their consumer engagement via WhatsApp, Facebook established it in August 2018.

Businesses have acknowledged and used WhatsApp Business API to communicate with their clients ever since the service launched. There are several valid reasons why companies are abandoning all other platforms and switching to WhatsApp.

For businesses to interact with customers over WhatsApp Business API, they get a dashboard  powered by WhatsApp business providers like Mtalkz that allows them to leverage all the functionality offered by the WhatsApp API.

Reasons to Integrate WhatsApp Business API for your Business

Businesses can connect with clients on WhatsApp and have conversations with them in a very comfortable setting. Taking a closer look at some of the reasons companies should use WhatsApp APIs for business, we can see why it makes sense to do so.

  • Customer Engagement

Every business, large or small, recognises the value of customer engagement in today’s world more than ever. Brands may communicate with customers frequently and across all barriers with the assistance of the WhatsApp Business API. When compared to WhatsApp, which guarantees a high deliverability with a very high read rate, traditional channels like emails  have poor open rates and low read rates. In reality, many businesses around the world currently use WhatsApp for Business as part of their client engagement strategy.

  • 24/7 Automated Customer Support

Who doesn’t like 24-hour assistance? Businesses have always supported customers through emails, calls, and SMSs. Given the dependability, simplicity, and capacity to interface with existing business tools of WhatsApp Business API, it goes without saying that WhatsApp has already established itself as one of the main support channels of the future. Mtalkz enables you to deploy a bot to WhatsApp API for businesses that effortlessly connect with enterprise programmes so that businesses can offer automated customer support 24*7.

  • Cost Effective

Traditional forms of communication, like email and SMS, are unquestionably more affordable and commonly used than other types. But things have evolved over time. Your email and SMS inboxes are overflowing with promotional communications from companies you have never done business with before. The fact that these channels, unlike WhatsApp, do not have control over the communications content is one potential explanation for this. 

The most efficient and straightforward customer communication route can turn out to be WhatsApp Business API. It supports Call-to-Action Buttons and Quick Replies with the ability to send multimedia messages.

  • Multi-Agent Model

WhatsApp allows multiple agents to use a single WhatsApp number. This allows it to be used on multiple devices simultaneously by multiple sales and/or support agents at the same time. This simplifies and streamlines the process of handling customer communication through the messaging app. The readily available agent manages the conversation flow with the customer. 

Depending on your needs, you can also transfer the same chat to an individual or a team. So you can use WhatsApp Business API to perform pretty much anything you can do in our conversation.

  • Communicate with High Security

Everyone demands security and confidentiality of their information in this contemporary environment when there is daily news of internet fraud. With WhatsApp’s two-factor authentication (2CFA) feature, you can be confident that the person you are texting is who they claim to be. It also features a segment called End-To-End Encryption, which strictly protects the subscriber’s privacy. 

Unlock Sales with WhatsApp API by Mtalkz 

WhatsApp is among the most impactful and effective communication mediums. If you haven’t already been utilising the WhatsApp API as your new marketing technique or channel for customer support, it’s time to start today. You can reach out to Mtalkz, a cloud-based communication platform provider, immediately and employ the best WhatsApp business API services for your business.