The EdTech market is worth $254 billion. The competition between EdTech firms is growing as the trend toward digital learning accelerates. Suppose you’re also someone trying to put their foot into this competitive industry. In that case, you need to work hard to provide a better experience for all stakeholders—students, instructors, and parents—and establish a competitive edge for yourself in the market.

From broadcasting messages to an infinite number of users via an API provider to automating alerts, including chatbots, and providing live chat, the range of utility is boundless with WhatsApp business messaging. 

This blog post explores how EdTech companies can reap the benefits of WhatsApp Business API, and WhatsApp Commerce features to satisfy customers and maximise growth possibilities.

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1. Automating Enrolment Process 

  • By utilising an EdTech WhatsApp chatbot, organisations in the education technology sector may automate the registration process and even carry out the first screening.
  • The WhatsApp chatbot may act as a virtual counsellor. After obtaining all the essential information from the student, it can enter the system and assist students by making suggestions for the appropriate courses.
  • Additionally, the WhatsApp chatbot may gather documents like grade reports. It simplifies the procedure; all the student needs to do is scan and share the document.
  • With the assistance of a WhatsApp chatbot, candidates may also be kept updated by sharing timely alerts on the status of their applications, interview dates, or any other changes.

2. WhatsApp Education Marketing

  • Lead Generation and Qualification: Why direct prospective students to landing pages, websites, or even brochure descriptions when you can make their life easier by directing them to WhatsApp instead? As a result, your company will have the applicants’ direct mobile numbers and access to them on a platform that they use, allowing it not only to generate but also retain the lead.
  • Customers’ Satisfaction & Relationship Building: WhatsApp assists academic institutions in managing student-institution connections and makes it possible for institutions to provide scalable, customised services. For instance, WhatsApp may be used to frequently monitor students, informing them of events occurring on one platform.
  • Consistency Is Key: An organisation’s obligations continue even after its customers successfully finish their purchased course. Maintaining a constant dialogue with students may help with retention, offering assistance to those already enrolled, and improving the standard of instruction and the organisation’s reputation. 

3. WhatsApp for Education and Learning

  • Instant Notifications: These use cases for communication can effectively save time that would otherwise be lost trying to communicate through slower-moving communication channels, such as information transfer, class management, keeping students informed, etc. WhatsApp Business API can achieve organisational control in individual classrooms and privately created groups. It can enhance learning and encourage students to be more engaged in their studies because they are more likely to be regularly updated and prepared for individual courses.
  • Immediate Connectivity: Unequal resource availability is a recurrent problem in education. WhatsApp API can help to increase the accessibility of learning resources; for example, official course/class discussions may be used by professors and instructors via WhatsApp API. Exercises for learning are thereby automatically enhanced. Sharing URLs, images, videos, and audio files via WhatsApp is simple in both the classroom and the organisation.
  • Increasing Team Spirit: WhatsApp’s group chat may be used to encourage students to work together as a team and to cooperate. Students may work more effectively with the instructor and their classmates when they participate in open conversation.
  • Daily Assessments: Creating a range of quizzes or quick daily assignments, especially if teaching online courses, may assist the organisation in keeping their students interested. It is possible with WhatsApp Business API installation. An academic institution may ensure that the students maintain their attention and improve their grasp and value of the course by employing this strategy.

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Why Go For WhatsApp Business Messaging?

The way we study and cooperate has changed due to virtualisation and digitalisation. The generation of today wants rapid, efficient, and customised experiences. With its numerous interactive UI components and notification-based features, WhatsApp Commerce has emerged as the essential tool for catering to this mobile-native generation. For EdTech enterprises, WhatsApp chatbots are crucial in maximising WhatsApp Commerce’s potential. 

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