Over the last few years, the connections between brands and consumers have grown stronger. Technological advancements and increased consumer awareness have made brands reachable 24×7.  Providing outstanding customer service can give a business a considerable competitive advantage. However, given the continuously shifting business environment and consumer expectations, maintaining customer experience is not easy.. The first or the primary point of contact matters a lot when it comes to the client experience. It is possible to make this experience reliable and comfortable to ensure that the new lead is converted into a sale and the existing customer also stays loyal. 

To make the most of this first point of contact, a business typically uses an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. More than 50% of customers are in favour of employing IVR systems as they believe that it provides real-time answers to their questions. By enabling clients to self-serve the information they need without the assistance of customer care, an IVR system enhances the customer experience. Additionally, it lowers the number of calls to contact centres, which reduces wait times and lowers operating costs for the industries.

This blog gives out details about how an IVR system can enhance customer experience across industries and be beneficial for the company itself.

IVR and Customer Experience

Many service providers tend to offer IVR services based on your demands and specifications. 

  • Faster Access and Service Systems

Technology has advanced speech recognition patterns to unprecedented heights. Faster responses are made possible by the ability to voice the commands required to solve a problem, together with instances of directed speech and button inputs.

  • Automated Self Service

Introduce IVR in place of the “on hold” sound, which often plays in a never-ending cycle until the rescue of a customer support agent. Hold times are virtually entirely eliminated via IVR. With only a few button clicks, quick services like balance checks and order status updates are now possible.

  • A Successful Call Routing Service

The IVR system has options for controlling calls. Customers are thus asked to enter information through button or voice answers. They have the option of independently troubleshooting or eventually being connected to a customer support agent in the relevant department.

  • The Latest in Speech Recognition

The need for one-word answers is eliminated by comprehension of complicated speech patterns. Callers are able to describe their problems in detail and, depending on their answers, are either given solutions or prompts to move on to the next option.

  • Personalisation

Customers can receive the same level of personalisation through IVR when the pre-plan is properly thought out, just as they would from well-trained human personnel. IVR systems have the capacity to process caller information and provide personalised elements in each client engagement.

Use Cases of IVR 

There are several ways in which IVR service is useful for several industries. Some of the use cases include: 

  • Healthcare

The IVR approach enables the healthcare and hospitality industry to operate from many locations while saving time and providing better services to consumers and patients. The customer service team can assist several consumers at once with the use of IVR systems.

  • Banking and Finance

Banking and finance organisations appreciate the usage of IVR technology because it enables customers to speak with a representative over the phone and receive an answer to their questions.

  • Telecommunications

In order to get customer input on goods or services, interactive voice response is a beneficial technique. You can quickly create an IVR for your company and use yes/no or multiple-choice questions to elicit responses. Depending on the goods or services, these feedback questions are easily adaptable. IVR data can be used to inform future discussions, evaluations, and updates to products and services. This enables the company to meet client expectations while putting little effort into it.

Grow with Mtalkz’s IVR Services

Future speech recognition and text chat improvements will be very beneficial for IVR technology. IVR systems will soon be able to identify a speaker’s tone, accent, and other characteristics thanks to advancements in speech recognition technology. Although callers will be less likely to use them, the tried-and-true touch tones on telephone keypads will always be available. So, if you want to improve customer service and give a memorable experience, start developing IVR solutions right away and work with a seasoned cloud communication platform like Mtalkz, which guarantees you best services round the clock.

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