The customer journey, buyer journey, or user journey illustrates a consumer’s interaction with a brand. An omnichannel customer engagement journey maps the major interactions the customers have with the business over a variety of channels and over the course of their lifetime.

A user’s interactions with any company via a number of different channels, such as push notifications, SMS, emails, in-app messaging, and web notifications, are included in an omnichannel customer engagement journey map. More than 35% of consumers anticipate being able to speak with the same customer support agent regardless of the channel they interact with the brand.


Omnichannel Services

This blog focuses on the ways in which the user journey can be built through omnichannel engagement and how to maximise the impact of every touchpoint. 

Steps to Build User Journey 

Customer journey mapping is useful as it provides businesses with a comprehensive picture of how customers interact with the business. This detail can then be used to guide their messaging strategy to improve and expand the cross-channel campaigns.

  • Define Your Goals

Before businesses can tap potential customers, they need to utilise every interaction across online and offline channels to understand your customers’ needs and interests. They must first describe their endpoint. An online product purchase, a subscription renewal, a form fill up on a website, or a certain engagement milestone, could be the desired action one maps to. The high-level customer journey can be mapped, or businesses can focus on a specific aspect of it..

  • Compile Data

Businesses should centralise and make use of the consumer data they have gathered internally and throughout their IT stack before mapping the customers’ journeys across Email, push notifications, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, etc. Businesses can take conclusions from both types of quantitative data.

  • Define Key User Groups

Businesses should first determine how various audiences interact with the product or service in order to create personas that reflect those interactions while trying to comprehend a customer’s path through their brand’s message touchpoints. Because different user groups will take different detours on their way to making a purchase, it is important to map out multiple paths to get the most outcomes from their marketing efforts.

  • Map out the Touchpoints

It’s time to put everything together and design the user journey based on the information businesses have acquired, customer actions, personalised campaigns, optimal timing, channel preferences, using AI predictions. Bring all of the information together, and then use the important touch points determined for each user persona to fill up the timeline. Keep in mind that the business journey’s touchpoints are its foundation. They are touchpoints customers have with the brand on any channel as they move closer to the desired outcome.

Benefits of Omnichannel Engagement

Omnichannel Engagement can offer several benefits which can be effective for businesses. Three of the major benefits are:

  • Augment  Customer Experience

Customer experience is augmented as a result of the seamless and tailored omnichannel engagement experiences provided by the businesses based on user mapping. This further results in more consistent customers.The more consistent the customers,  the more money the business makes.

  • Leverage Customer Data

Effective path mapping collects client information from throughout the tech stack, giving businesses a strong foundation for message personalisation. By doing this, businesses can build sophisticated audiences that are enhanced by a variety of information sources and utilise them as a foundation for journey optimisation.

  • Steer Product Development

Users can learn more about the areas they should focus on in the product roadmap by using customer journey mapping. By identifying gaps in the product experience and tracking what customers genuinely care about and what moments define their experience with the brand, it is possible to better understand the customers’ demands along a variety of touchpoints.

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