Marketing is a blessing for businesses, meaning it can lead to advanced search engine rankings, brand awareness, greater conversion rates and more. However, savvy marketing pros know that the optimal time to post is the key to maximising engagement with their target audience. People use all social and conversational platforms in very different ways, and therefore each medium has its own optimal time for influence and interaction. So to make the most of your posts, you need to send them out at your audience’s favoured times. It doesn’t necessarily ensure success, but this customer insight gives your business a greater chance of reaching your customers when they can actually see you. 

The Perfect Time Depends on Your Audience

Timing is everything while marketing: if you send your message at the incorrect time, it will be far less impactful than if you had sent it just a few hours sooner or later. The ideal time to convey your marketing message varies between audience demographics and industries. The goal is to message your customer when they don’t just have the time to open and read it, but also when they are interested in that kind of content and ready to act on your message. Also, don’t just post your message just once; you can take advantage of each time slot by slightly tweaking the words or sending it from a different perspective. However, as with all types of contact, you’ll need to do some research, try out different times, find out what fits best with your unique brand message, and then stick to it. Be alert to variations within each audience by tracking how each audience responds to your timing and optimise accordingly, rather than just copying the schedule other businesses use.

Best Time to Send Marketing SMS

Everyone responds to marketing text messages differently. For example, some customers may react well to SMS sent early in the morning, while others may be more likely to read them at the end of the day. Although users will possibly view the message at some point, they can’t always be receptive to your message. A great way to determine the most successful time for your business to carry out bulk messaging is by splitting your contact list in half and sending the same message at two separate timings (A/B testing). Estimating a suitable time for SMS marketing messages depends on your business goals and customer attitudes. Spread your SMS campaign over several dates and report metrics like open and response rates. This approach will enable you to determine which days work perfectly for your audience and boost your engagement rates. Moreover, unlike promotional texts, you can send transactional messages at any time because a customer’s action triggers them typically. 

Best Time to Send Marketing Emails

Email marketing is a great way to send customers unique offers, like product sales or newsletters updates, along with the information your customer can’t get anywhere else. It’s all about testing. Try sending emails separately to determine when the conversions, open rates and click-through rates are the highest. It’s imperative to A/B test your email send times to determine the sweet spot for your audience continually. You should send one email at a time and another at a separate time. Then, compare their conversions, open rates and other metrics to discern which time was most helpful. Do this regularly as the ideal time may fluctuate.

Best Time to Post on Social Media

Every social media application/platform has its own peak time when posts get higher engagement. This makes sense as the type of user that surfs each social media network differs. In addition, new content structures and trends can help you reach your target audience in unexpected ways or even help you discover new segments you weren’t focusing on earlier. A detailed analysis of the users will reveal less busy times where your specific audience is active but competitors aren’t. To find out the most beneficial times to post for your social media accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Sort your posts by the desired metrics, such as likes, engagement rates or impressions.
  2. See when your top posts were shared or if any particular times keep popping up for your top posts.
  3. Note down those times. These are the prevailing best times for your business to post on social media.

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It’s essential for you to gain a better understanding of your brand’s unique audience. When done right, there’s a higher chance of them seeing and engaging with your business — more reach and more engagement! To leverage the potential of timing your posts perfectly, partner with mTalkz today and receive the best marketing and digital communication solutions for your business. Empowering business communications for the future, mTalkz offers its services to transform and enhance user experiences.