WhatsApp is the most popular and influential messaging platform in the world. Besides WhatsApp’s extensive user base and friendly features, the app has also become intriguing to companies because it’s attracted users worldwide. WhatsApp marketing allows you to keep in touch with your audience – more than half of its users check WhatsApp every day. You can be sure that they will read your texts, as these messages have a 98% open rate. The ultimate object is that all customers love this communication channel. They believe in brands with chat applications more, so much so that 53% of people say they buy from businesses they can reach via chat. 

Wondering what the future holds for this app and what you can do to make your business a success on Whatsapp? Here are five things you need to know as a business marketer: 

1. WhatsApp Business 

If you use WhatsApp for business purposes, it doesn’t make much sense to do so via a private account. You will risk losing access to your account and miss out on tons of valuable features. However, for multiple businesses, WhatsApp has a simple solution: WhatsApp Business. It is available on Android and iOS, and it’s accessible as an online platform known as the WhatsApp Web. Moreover, you can use it in the browser if you already own a business account. WhatsApp Business is mainly designed for smaller businesses wanting to organise their presence on the app. It’s free of cost but slightly limited in its capabilities as compared to the WhatsApp Business API. 

2. WhatsApp Business API

Medium and large businesses may demand a more robust tool since they deal with more users or desire to add more functionality. This is where the WhatsApp Business API comes in. The WhatsApp Business API enables brands to tap into WhatsApp’s coding and get further insights by adding their own integrations and features like the WhatsApp chatbots. For example, with the help of a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP), you can filter, tag, and manage WhatsApp messages alongside messages from other social networks in a single social inbox. 

3. Growing Business Opportunities

Apart from WhatsApp’s branding and engagement opportunities, Facebook’s control of the app also helps marketers. Moreover, recent studies show that branded ad targeting results in an increased ROI because of data sharing between Facebook and WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp is a developing app, it will not be discontinued any time soon; businesses of all sizes can continue to explore it. If you wish to target your audiences similarly, a WhatsApp marketing strategy could be worth exploring for the future. Your business can leverage WhatsApp to influence interested prospects, help them through the buyer’s journey with a profoundly interactive messaging experience, and favourably make sales without having your customers enter your store.

4. WhatsApp Business Marketing Benefits

Using messengers is a golden chance to build your marketing strategy. WhatsApp provides businesses with a robust set of opportunities for personalisation. For example, you can share customised welcome messages, send special offers, birthday wishes, etc. As a result, WhatsApp Business marketing drives more conversions, boosts sales, builds quality relationships with customers, and offers economical marketing expenditures. Furthermore, you can get insights into essential metrics such as how many of your messages were successfully sent, delivered, and read. 

5. How to Get Started

WhatsApp Business marketing is all about maintaining relationships with clients and delivering value. So to get started, the first thing you need to start thinking of is how you and your business can fit into conversations with your audience. Next, you need to design an appealing brand identity for them to engage with. WhatsApp is a powerful tool, and it has become prevalent due to its simplicity. That’s why a WhatsApp marketing strategy should be a crucial part of your marketing armoury, winning your quality CX goals and adding value at critical moments in the customer journey. If you plan to test out the WhatsApp experience, partner with mTalkz today and send your target audience messages anytime you wish and from anywhere. Mtalkz WhatsApp API is also available in early access, empowering developers to build and prototype in a sandbox. In addition, you will also get access to mTalkz exceptional customer support 24/7 to resolve all your problems ASAP. 

If you wish to stay competitive within the industry and truly connect with your customers on a deeper level, then launch your WhatsApp Business presence with Mtalkz. With its broad reach, highly engaged user base, and rich communications abilities, WhatsApp holds the potential to become one of the most solid customer engagement channels in the market. 

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