Mtalkz hosted a grand business conference on ‘The Art of Limitless Messaging – Using Emerging Tech’. The conference was hosted in collaboration with the CIO Klub on May 27, 2022 at the Pride Plaza Hotel, Aerocity in the National Capital. Mtalkz showcased the power of infinite possibilities of messaging along with their next level approach for enabling enterprises to build deep customer engagements.

The event commenced with the welcoming of guests and lamp lighting by Mr. Basant Kumar Chaturvedi (President, CIO Klub – Delhi Chapter), Commander K.K. Chaudhary (Ex-President, CIO Klub – Delhi Chapter), Mr. Abhishek Prakash (Founder, Mtalkz), and Ms. Shelly Prakash (Co-Founder, Mtalkz).

Mr. Basant Kumar introduced Mtalkz as a young, dynamic, and spirited organisation known for bringing great innovation in the enterprise messaging and communication domain. The Opening keynote address was delivered by Dr Srikanth Sundararajan (General Partner, Venture East), a visionary entrepreneur, mentor and investor with over 25+ years of International experience. He mentioned how Mtalkz plans to build unique experiences for businesses through multi-level platforms for better customer engagement and use of emerging technologies, like blockchain, AI/ML, Web 3.0 and Metaverse.

In addition, he emphasised that the advent of the Metaverse has marked the beginning of an exciting period and that he is keenly looking forward to the next generation of messaging that will introduce new and different standards for Business Communication.

One of the greatest highlights of this event was the panel discussion, moderated by Mr Shivendra Misra, Strategy consultant & Serial Entrepreneur. The distinguished panellists included Mr. Arun Attri (CIO, Wonder Cement Ltd.), Mr. Mayank Bedi (Assistant Executive Director, Dalmia Bharat Group), Mr. Avtar Monga (Governance Council Member, FACE), who discussed how the role of Communication platforms is expected to evolve in coming years and what are some immediate opportunities for CPAAS providers.

Mr Arun Attri mentioned that pandemic had initiated digital landscape transformation for all organisations. He shared his exceptional experience on how people in his industry were becoming more tech-oriented and progressively using digital technologies in the post-pandemic era. He also mentioned that there is a requirement for creating customised, contextual and intelligent engagement solutions for their customers by deploying data models using Artificial intelligence for segmentation.

Another panelist, Mr Mayank Bedi highlighted that communication was relatively more difficult for them in the pre-pandemic era. However, the pandemic helped them reshape their perspective of the IT Department. As a result, their opinion was shifted from the IT Department being a cost centre to a centre that can add more value to business operations.

The panel discussion was followed by the captivating words of the final speaker, Mr Avtar Monga, He spoke on how Two-Factor Authentication Systems have enhanced how information is exchanged in the BFSI Sector. Now, better methods are sprouting up to authenticate user identities and maintain privacy flow. Post the pandemic, CIOs are a part of the strategy-building process in business. Every person with an identity proof (Aadhar Card) linked to their bank accounts is now a potential customer. The panel revealed that limitations are now expanded to the point where it’s not just about messaging and communication but also about adding automation and value to the enterprises’ decision-making process. 

Following that, Mr Anshuman Bhar, a young leader and mentor, demonstrated the next level of analytics and customer experience for enterprise users and their end customer. AI and ML can give businesses anonymous power over messaging campaigns and take you on a journey of actions through deep insights.

Mtalkz informed all the attendees that this multi-dimensional platform will be made available to enterprises shortly and this will enable users to achieve much more than what they are able to do with traditional messaging providers. The new platform will directly revolutionise business models of enterprises, also enable a large range of new service products that will be launched within next year.  Various go to market processes will be automated and productized by a deep use of technology and communication channels.

Afterwards, Anish Rakheja, CEO of Krescon Coaches (Ex-IBM, Ex-HCL), accentuated upon the journey of becoming a Legend from a Leader to add deeper meaning to the purpose of life. He asserted the ways on how to boost your branding and become a pioneer in the industry. He shared his true mantra to incorporate modern management styles, value systems and innovative tools and techniques into professional and personal space for growth.

Thereafter, Mr Abhishek Prakash, Founder, Mtalkz, addressed the gathering and shared a major skill he acquired in the last couple of years as a CEO – “To unlearn and relearn.” He mentioned, “What started as an experiment (Mtalkz) to ensure insurance for the family turned into a stage where we are scaling – thanks to the confidence that our customers have placed in us.” He further added, “We are at a stage where we should be able to write some important chapters in the CPaaS industry in the coming years. By using AI, ML, Robotic Process Automation and Data innovations, we can help you redefine CPaaS to increase customer engagement in a more contextual way. The process will make it easy for the enterprises to attract, capture and nurture the ideal buyers. We are here to offer you newer alternatives to traditional communication channels such WhatsApp and Truecaller and help you explore the next level of safe, secure and scalable communications”.  

Mr. Abhishek also rolled out a special offer for A2P SMS, Voice OBD, Email, Chatbots and WhatsApp Business API, and many CIOs availed the offer during the event.  Based on the huge interest generated Mtalkz has decided to extend major components of this spot offer for next 30 days to all the CMOs, CTOs, CIOs, CEOs, CFOs and Founders of enterprises that use CPaaS engagement solutions. This offer can be availed at Mtalkz Special Offer. Mtalkz also gave a commitment to CIO gathering that it will provide free development for their messaging initiatives and that they can make best use of this opportunity over the next 3 months.

To conclude, ‘The Art of Limitless Messaging’ unveiled the phenomenal growth and promising future of messaging and communication. It was a successful event that introduced an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platform and demonstrated its impact and benefits. The grand event witnessed more than 50+ CIOs (Chief Information Officers) from large companies and corporate. The event also focused on new emerging technologies in messaging like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Web 3.0 to help businesses and brands make smarter decisions faster.

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Incepted in 2017, Mtalkz is an omni-channel cloud communication PaaS player. It has offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Its portfolio of services includes Bulk SMS, Voice, Email, IVR Systems, WhatsApp Business API, Chatbots and Marketing Automation.

Mtalkz excels at building richer customer engagement experiences for enterprises by providing a combination of smart APIs, uninterrupted messaging infrastructure, foolproof delivery, extraordinary convenience, cost-effective pricing, and comprehensive support. Mtalkz serves over 400 enterprises spanning FinTech, EdTech, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, E-Commerce, BFSI, and SaaS startups. Mtalkz thrives on using leading-edge technologies to enable enterprises to provide a connected, secure and delightful user experience.