A world where customers can make purchases through a variety of channels has made mobile touchpoints a crucial distinction. Businesses are now spending an increasing amount of money on mobile channels to interact with their end customers at key moments during the buying lifecycle.

It can be difficult to decide which mobile communication channel to use when there are so many options accessible, like SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc. However, Bulk SMS Services and WhatsApp Business API stand out when you compare the reach, rapidness, and effectiveness of each of these platforms. Two well-liked text-based communication solutions for organisations nowadays are SMS marketing and WhatsApp marketing.

India has the second largest number of SMS message senders, with over 850 million subscribers. Both of these are excellent strategies to help increase sales and expand your business, whether you’re a new company seeking efficient ways to sell your product or an existing company trying to expand your target market. 

This blog discusses SMS and WhatsApp marketing along with their benefits, giving you a clear understanding of which form of marketing suits your business better.

What is SMS Marketing?

Short messaging service (SMS) marketing is a type of advertising that companies employ to text customers for promotions and offers. Even while SMS services have been practised in India for quite some time, it has recently emerged as the most effective method for reaching customers and increasing sales. In comparison to emails and other marketing methods, it also has a high open rate and readability.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing has several benefits that can help an organisation to grow and scale. Some of the advantages are: 

  • The Utilisation of Cellular Networks

The fact that SMS marketing uses cellular networks rather than data packs or internet connections is one of its main advantages. This implies that even when internet connections are patchy, texts sent through SMS marketing will still be able to be delivered.

  • No Requirement for Smartphones

Despite the fact that cell phones are already an integral part of most consumers’ everyday lives, a huge portion of the population still does not own one. So, SMS services could be a terrific strategy to reach them if your target market contains customers in this category.

  • No Extra App Required

SMS use does not require separate software, unlike WhatsApp and other social networking apps. Nowadays, SMS functionality is pre-installed on all the phones. This is unrelated to the phone’s make, model, brand, or the nation in which it is sold.

  • Cost Effective

SMS is cost-effective as it reduces the amount of investment in enhancing customer experience. The simplicity to connect with customers through a single click in a fast and easiest way makes it a more feasible medium.  

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

Basically, WhatsApp marketing means promoting a brand through WhatsApp. Using this channel, brands can reach a huge audience, create strong relationships with customers, and boost sales. This channel helps businesses in expanding their consumer base, strengthening existing ones, and boosting revenue.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing

There are several benefits which WhatsApp API marketing can offer to your business, such as: 

  • Multimedia Messaging Options

WhatsApp Business offers rich texting options to users, just like the way it works for peer chat. This allows businesses to send images, icons, emoticons, Gifs, PDFs, audio, video, and any other media files. This is helpful in creative product catalogues with images that can offer a 360-degree perspective of their product.

  • Encrypted Message

End-to-end encryption is used for all WhatsApp messages, including those sent to and from corporate accounts. This implies that nobody else, not even WhatsApp itself, can decode and read your messages; only the sender and receiver can read what is being communicated. As it protects sensitive information like billing information, addresses, and more, this feature is crucial for both businesses and individuals.

  • Richer Media

The communication potential of a WhatsApp chatbot is increased by built-in features, including the sharing of live locations, contact information, and a variety of file types from.pdf to.doc. Additionally, users may make voice and video calls anytime they need to and from within WhatsApp itself, so they don’t even have to download an additional app to use these services.

  • Low Value For Maximum Effectiveness 

The cost of a single message in WhatsApp is cheaper than any other medium.  The multiple features of WhatsApp help businesses across various challenges from a single platform. 

Employ the Best for Your Business

In the end, it all boils down to what your business needs are when it comes to SMS or WhatsApp. If you’re a business that has just begun operations and trying to establish its root, we generally recommend SMS to reach the universal masses. If you’re an established brand, and need to inform your customers about new product additions and increase sales through an online medium, WhatsApp might be a useful tool. 

You can easily incorporate communications services like Bulk SMS services and WhatsApp API in your mobile marketing strategies with the help of Mtalkz, a cloud-based communication platform provider. We offer a full set of developer-friendly APIs and multiple integrations that help you maximise conversions and increase your marketing ROI. Contact us today to select the best medium for your business.