SMS integration is the process of inserting SMS marketing into any customer-facing asset or website. In SMS integration, the process of sending messages is automated as much as possible. In other words, we can say that when a computer sends messages instead of a human being manually, the process is called SMS integration. Generally, an SMS API (Application Programming Interface) links the message sending software to other applications and business systems.

SMS API Integration is one of the most effective ways to send bulk SMS messages and automated customer service responses. Furthermore, it is an efficient way for businesses to send automated SMS messages where manual help is not required.

Since SMS messages have a 99% open rate, it is critical for startups for marketing and operational communications. However, you may get confused and overwhelmed with the vast choice regarding SMS API integration service providers, vendors, and platforms. For example, you can make your developers integrate through SMS API for the system triggering the SMS, or you can use an online platform to upload a list to make your 2-way sequence of SMS.

To decide the right path, here are five important questions to ask:

1. What is the importance of deliverability?

Deliverability remains critical for you if your SMS does vital business messaging, sends notifications, and offers 2-factor authentication. But for such operations, it is best to avoid unreliable SMS providers who use grey routes. When the company sends SMS via a network operator with whom the company does not have any relationship or commercial agreement with the receiving network partner, it is termed the grey route of sending SMS. It has poor deliverability as the network operators shut them as soon as they are found. If you have limited cash or just starting, then you can use these SMS providers.

2. Is it important for you to send system-triggered SMS?

If you need to send shipping status, notification, or receipts that need automation, you need an SMS API integration. Moreover, you will need good documentation, support, and solutions with user-friendly APIs. For this, you can hire an IT developer who will help you set up SMS API

3. Can you code, or will you need the help of an IT developer?

Now that you have identified that you need SMS API integration for automation, the next question is if you can code yourself or need an IT developer for coding. Since a growing startup always needs changes for the future and hiring professionals can be an issue, you will need a platform with a simple interface that does not need coding to change personalization or change message content. Some SMS API providers like Twilio, Nexmo need you to code. But if the hassle is not worth your time, you can partner with an SMS API service provider that doesn’t need coding.

4. Will your SMSes change in the future?

Your startups need built-in agility for SMS. If your SMS API integration is coded up and you need to change the message or content in the future, then you can hire developers to solve this problem. However, if you do not code and do not have a non-code interface, an IT developer will take your time and money. So, a drag and drop SMS API integration will be the best as it does not need coding.

5. How important is reporting capability?

Finally, detailed real-time reporting is very important for verifying customer inquiries of the SMS received, the real-time status of large sends, and campaign performances. You will need complete transparency of click rates, open rates, opt-outs, deliverability and total transcripts of SMS replies. Therefore, you will need a web-based dashboard and completely exportable data files from your SMS API solution provider.


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