SMS is one of the simplest and most powerful tools benefitting the FinTech industry. And it is especially useful for automation processes.

SMS; Ways to benefit the Fintech companies: 

1. Second-factor authentication

Commonly used in retail banking, 2FA helps strengthen the security of accounts and their owners by sending SMS passwords or codes that facilitate basic financial transactions.

2. Reminders

For many credit card holders or people who prefer online payments to physical payments, reminders can be very useful to maintain financial health. And it makes FinTech more efficient. EMI reminders related to the Multiple borrowings from any financial institution.

3. SMS alerts

Receiving real-time information about your money-related activities (like withdrawal/deposits) helps prevent fraud in cases like stolen bank cards or just as a financial management method.

4. Multiple Promotional Activities

Various financial institutions run different marketing campaigns to promote their products in different ways. SMS is one of the major directing marketing tools where any financial institution promotes their services one to one even in customized ways.

Why New Startup’s Prefer Mtalkz SMS API:

Mtalkz SMS API is highly scalable with multiple CRM’s along with different set of functionalities. 

Startups are always focused towards the ROI factor and  budget also be the basic concern of any startup. Whereas mTalkz SMS Gateway services are always worthwhile from the costing perspective, apart from that there are different sets of features which signifies the mTalkz Services are highly efficient for the startups.

  • Link response tracking (with 3 embedded links, one for web url, one for app url and one for phone), 
  • Fast Template approvals from DLT and on our panel (most approvals get done in a span of 4 to 24 hours.
  • Our infrastructure on AWS and direct connections with telcos enable us to offer a high quality service
  • OTP Authenticator
  • Media embedding and link tracking within the SMS Panel
  • Split & schedule of campaigns and also resend options, 
  • Multilingual messaging and Unicode Messaging
  • Magento Extension, WooCommerce plugin
  • Control lists and group management.
  • 24*7 Customer Support

If any startup wants to promote their products then mTalkz also provides some value addition for their marketing campaigns.

  • Targeted Promotions
  • High Conversion rate
  • High Open rate
  • Wider Appeal 

Henceforth any startup looking for bulk promotion activities Please feel free to connect with the team of Mtalkz Mobility Services.