Immediate provisioning of POS services for unmanned stations is now available with Bulk SMS API Integrations.  Technology as simple as Bulk SMS API is creating waves by enabling providing integration capability between unrelated systems while keeping security and confidentiality completely intact.

Banking and payment gateway systems are very concerned about not integrating with any external systems and rightly so, they run the risk of intrusion and theft otherwise.  However, the business demands that all the merchants who get onboard get payment information on a real-time basis in order to provide services for the customers.  This has become a real challenge that is being solved by high availability Bulk SMS API and Virtual Mobile Numbers.

The integration is simple, the consumer pays through a mobile app, the mobile app triggers a payment confirmation to a Virtual Mobile Number hosted with SMS GATEWAY provider of the merchant.  The merchant systems then validate the transaction and trigger a response to the POS system to provide the service.  The beauty of this whole process is that both the systems i.e. Payment Gateway system and the Merchant provisioning systems stay completely decoupled and have a high availability Bulk SMS Platform in between to enable the integration.

It’s important to choose your Bulk SMS Gateway partner carefully, Mtalkz is one such partner who is enabling merchants across the country to have quick and efficient integration with the payment gateways.¬†¬†