SHORT CODE SMS 56161 India

Ever gone through all the messages you receive on your mobile phone and noticed the frequency of text messages from SHORT CODE SMS , Shocked Right? Several questions might be running through your mind like What is this Short Code SMS 56161 ? Are these messages send through this number a threat to your security? Should you block this number restricting from receiving any such messages in future and so on. Well, my friend no need to worry as this mysterious 56161 number is just a short code SMS Service in India which is used for generating leads and is a great business marketing tool.

Short Code SMS is an effective way to reach all your customers instantly anywhere and at any time. It is widely used for receiving feedback from your customers as it serves as a platform for two – way communication system with the users. In a shared short code environment, every organization that desires to avail the service is given a keyword. This keyword is a unique identifier on the shared short code.

The service of Short Code SMS 56161 is being widely used by the government for linking your PAN Card with the Adhar Number majorly because of the interesting features it provides like:

  • Auto change of replies innumerable times by the people.
  • Instant response and real-time reporting which saves the overhead of keeping a record of huge data.
  • Effective forwarding of responses on your URL.
  • Easy configuration of short codes for application integration with the help of Api URL.
  • Unlimited sub keywords.

You can generate leads 24*7 using Short Code SMS Service and manage the leads as per change in dates. It also gets effectively integrated with the online application and there is a built-in system for an immediate reply of the automatic acknowledgment message. At mTalkz the leading Brand Communication company for short code service provider we provide you with a user-friendly interface which solves the complexity regarding short code management.

We have a wide diversity of options according to your individual business requirement at very affordable prices. The prominence of marketing through Short Code SMS is gradually gaining momentum in this advanced technology world. And it serves as the best choice for expanding and growing your business by keeping your every customer content through its excellent features. Visit today as we at mTalkz just can’t wait to see your business grow.