A growing number of companies are taking advantage of proprietary data to create highly personalised consumer experiences. By accurately executing, such experiences businesses differentiate themselves and gain a sustainable competitive edge in the market.

You know that improving customer experience is crucial to expanding your business and retaining customers, no matter what industry you are in. Using CPaaS (Communications Platform-as-a-Service) as a major approach to offer a fully integrated consumer journey is key to nailing customer experience today. The rapid expansion of CPaaS in the last year has only begun to scrape the surface of what is conceivable. According to 71% of business leaders, CPaaS is expected to additionally impact businesses in the next few years as they deploy new engagement tools and strategies.

The Rise of OmnichannelĀ 

Due to the sheer emergence of eCommerce, changing consumer patterns, and fierce retail competition, omnichannel retail has become more important. Companies also have more digital tools to increase sales and implement an omnichannel strategy. However, supporting customers across various touchpoints can be difficult. Fortunately, CPaaS makes it simple to facilitate stores, interact with audiences, improve consumer experiences, and manage shipping of items.

The Role of CPaaS

  • Recognising & Protecting the Customer

Recognising channel preferences is likely to instil a sense of “content” as it shows that the company values the customer. Therefore, it is feasible to locate the optimum channel for expressing appreciation and gradually create a long-term relationship that would eventually spread to multiple platforms by integrating customer data platforms such asĀ  CPaaS.

CPaaS solutions are designed to address spam communication and phishing which are the prominent concerns. In addition, multi-factor authentication is now used by most CPaaS solutions to authenticate customer identity, adding another degree of security. As a result, businesses can gain a competitive advantage by providing customers with CPaaS security measures that help them serve better.

  • Orchestrating the CX

CX orchestration aids in maintaining customer relevance across numerous channels and at various stages of their journey. The normal consumer experience is fragmented across multiple devices, platforms, and network locations, with frequent interruptions and shifts rarely following a straight line. CPaaS gives businesses the ability to adjust quickly.

You can send messages to usersā€™ preferred networks, and if you can’t get through them right away, messages can be diverted to the next best alternative. CPaaS platforms make these decisions intelligently, which scale to handle enormous quantities and use real-time customer-generated behavioural data.

  • Adapting Everyday

CPaaS complements existing feedback channels by intervening at key points in the customer experience to capture the customer’s voice. For instance, a post-interaction feedback survey could be triggered, reaching the consumer exactly when they are most likely to answer. CPaaS also aids in the resolution of issues such as several carriers in a single place and frequent network changes.

Integrating Marketing Communications for the FutureĀ 

Whether you’re a new business or an established organisation, it’s important to curate your offer when reaching out to your customer base. If you send out erratic marketing messages, your message may be missed by your target audience. To make your message clearly stand out, personalise and contextualise the experience of the customer.Ā 

Your message becomes clearer when you integrate your ads into a more united bundle, strengthening how your customers see you. CPaaS allows organisations to present alternative options depending on the nature of the inquiry, enabling an even more frictionless customer experience. Mtalkz’s CPaaS solution helps enhance your customer support service with the power of AI, chatbots or two-factor authentication. Click here to learn more and get ahead in the race to gain more customers and enhance your brand’s image.

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