Privacy is an asset in our hyper-connected world today. Wherever people go, whatever they do, they use their phone number to register for purchasing or inquiring about services. Individuals’ phone number is personal data that they only want to share with brands they trust.  A phone number is personal as well as sensitive information to share with anyone. This is where the requirement for number masking comes into the picture, benefiting businesses by securing their customers’ privacy and data. 

Masked phone numbers are commonly used to anonymise communication between several parties while safeguarding customers’ phone numbers. Users are linked through a third-party (proxy) phone number that bridges the call instead of direct contact between the parties using their actual phone numbers. By private number masking, businesses can protect their identity and the customers’ too. 

How Does Number Masking Work?

Connecting via a third party is the best way by which businesses and customers can communicate without sharing any private details. Cloud telepathy provides the best solution to the users. It transforms voice into data and sends it over the internet.

Benefits of Using Number Masking

Strengthens businesses’ customer base

Many business services require customers to share their numbers. Call masking effectively curbs all vulnerable loopholes that can exploit customers’ privacy, making them feel safe and secure. Privacy and security of data are something that all customers expect. More customers are likely to join the fold when businesses deliver exactly what they want.

Delivers great customer experience

Call masking cuts customers’ waiting time to less than 20 seconds. Along with this, mask phone numbers also

  • Improve call quality
  • Establishes consistency in response times
  • Attract potential customers
  • Boost brand recognition and value
  • Help earn customer’s trust

When businesses earn customers’ trust, it automatically improves the business’ chances of establishing its presence in the market.

Gives automated communication

Number masking is a technology-driven solution that automates communication between businesses and customers and gives service providers the freedom to

  • Monitor inbound, and active calls
  • Get insights about time and call duration
  • Track calls to measure agent performance
  • Use analytics to optimise their services
  • Connects seller and buyer seamlessly 


One of the best benefits of using number masking is that businesses don’t have to purchase local numbers for their business locations. With this one solution, they can meet the communication requirements of all their enterprise branches. In addition to saving money, this gives them a chance to expand geographically at a minimal cost.

This cutting-edge communication tool is gaining traction in a variety of industries. However, it has become crucial for service-oriented firms and e-commerce ventures that deal with thousands of clients every day.

Call tracking

All discussions can be simply recorded, tracked, and analyzed using mask phone numbers. This would not be possible with personal phone numbers. However, using Mtalkz’s proxy phone numbers, businesses can track agent performance and evaluate the quality of their client interactions. This allows them to get valuable information about their customers. Additionally, they may discover where the agent made a mistake during the chat or highlight areas for development to ensure that each agent is fully prepared to speak with clients. To gain from word of mouth, repeat purchases, or turn leads into customers, the customer experience should be of the greatest quality.

Best use cases:

  1. A customer is waiting for the food they ordered or a cab they booked. However, the delivery executive or driver cannot locate their address. So, the customer can contact the delivery executive or driver and provide them with the specific location without worrying about sharing their number using call masking technology.
  2. If an employee works in an MNC that has thousands of employees working in a remote setup, mask phone numbers prove to be highly beneficial in maintaining cross-border connectivity without compromising on privacy. 

Number masking helps to overcome problems with privacy concerns. It assists companies in maintaining a professional relationship with their clients. Call masking makes it easy to reach clients without worrying about their personal information being revealed. So, if you are willing to provide safeguarded services to your customers, connect with Mtalkz and ensure identity safety.