After providing impeccable service and quality to all our clients, we finally receive the long due commendation. mTalkz #1 leading bulk sms service provider in India is now an ISO certified company. We are thankful to our customers and team alike for their commitment towards mTalkz that finally made this happen. We are immensely proud and happy about how this certification is going to help our clients big time. 

Mtalkz is ISO certified with 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certifications, respectively. Let us brief you about why these certifications are imperative. This International Organisation for Standardisation specifies requirements for implementing, establishing, maintaining, and regularly improving an information security management system within the organisation. 

ISO includes stipulations for the treatment and assessment of information security risks customised as per the needs of the organisation. The requirements in this International Standard are generic and will apply to all organisations, regardless of type, size, or nature.

ISO Certificate 9001:2015 will:

  • Minimise mistakes
  • Provide a better quality of products & service
  • Increase productivity, efficiency, and profit
  • Improve customer acquisition and retention
  • Provide consistent outcomes

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

This certification is one of the most popular information security standards and will solely focus on Information Security Manager System (ISMS). This is how it is going to provide unmatched services to our clients: 

  • Will protect client and employee’s information
  • Will manage risks/ threats to information security efficiently
  • Will achieve compliance with regulations like the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)
  • Will protect the company’s brand image.

On this new milestone, Abhishek Prakash, Vice President (Sales) for mTalkz, quoted, “Our commitment to quality in service and security continues to mature and grow, this certification will catapult mTalkz into the league of large players and enable us to grow in the Government sector.”  Shelly Prakash, CEO for mTalkz said, “ We are adopting international quality standards very early in our story of evolution, simultaneously we are building new platforms and the rub off effect of quality will be an experience that will be witnessed by our customers shortly as we launch new services based on gamification”.

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