The growth of a business directly depends on the kind of customer service it provides. To maintain a good relationship with the customer, generating leads that can eventually create a loyal customer base is vital. While businesses and marketers may rely on conventional forms of advertising to boost their lead counts, it always makes sense to look for an economical yet result-oriented solution. 

Consider being a D2C company with a contact number on the website for customer service. Unfortunately, the number may not connect when dialled or disconnect without reaching an actual person. This hampers the company’s reputation and adds missed leads that could have been potential customers. So, it’s vital to maintain a powerful call management system like voice solutions  to avoid such embarrassing situations. 

Turn the ‘Miss’ into a ‘Hit’

One of the excellent features of voice solutions includes missed call alert service. In India, missed call providers came up with the idea of missed call campaigns due to a genuine problem across the nation: affordable handsets but expensive call rates and mostly prepaid users having low balance or no balance to make a call. It is an over 15 years old service that still presents marketing capabilities today! 

According to research, the global missed call services market is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of 7.4% over the forecast period (2019–2027), with the increasing adoption of missed call services by small and medium organisations for lead generation. In this context, optimising business calls is a great way to get sales boost for business and missed call service turns out to be the smartest investment one can make.

What is a Missed Call Service?

Utilising missed call service is an effective and distinctive approach to boost sales and marketing activities for businesses. It is one of the most widely used marketing tools that can help leverage the buying intent of a customer. Missed call service providers rely on a psychological factor of people wanting to avoid calling costs and enable businesses to use this service in combination with their overall marketing strategy to communicate with their customers and improve lead generation. As a result, brands have been cashing in on this service by customising the response to a simple missed call. And since ​​customers do not have to pay for the missed calls, it becomes an easy way to engage them and make them feel valued. 

What can Missed Call Services do for Business?

A missed call marketing campaign can easily integrate with existing systems, such as email, SMS or IVR. For example, it can be followed by an SMS as a response to a missed call or blended with IVR to receive feedback, obtain product information, undertake market surveys, begin registration, and share customised content with targeted audiences. Therefore, missed call marketing facilitates a company’s processes and departments, allowing it to receive valuable benefits.

  • Customer Support

With the help of missed call alert service, businesses can improve and streamline customer support activities. As a result, businesses can reduce multiple challenges and issues faced by the customer support team of a business, such as tedious and multiple call redirects, long hold times, and time-consuming query resolution.

  • Catering On-Demand Information

Sending an SMS to customers with the relevant information can be automated entirely. Furthermore, the missed call alert service makes it easier to process different on-demand information requests, such as shipment status, flight details, etc. If a business already has a lead management system in place, it will have inbound phone numbers stored in that system.

  • Customer Verification

Suppose a business faces challenges verifying customers’ identity for various critical actions related to the account or payment activities. Missed call alert service is a great option for customer verification. It’s simple to ask them to verify their phone number by dropping a missed call to a business number. Also, as the records automatically get updated in the system, there is no need to hire a dedicated agent to update all the customers’ information.

Leverage Missed Call Service Opportunities for D2C Business

Inbound sales and marketing teams can expect higher growth with easy automated missed call service. across all customer-oriented businesses such as e-commerce, hospitality, BFSI, and education. Mtalkz’s services are perfect for CRM and lead generation. Mtalkz allows businesses to monitor missed call campaigns on a real-time dashboard and keep track of business growth and productivity.