The 2FA SMS is a common delivery method that is quick, easy to access and doesn’t burden the system or other resources and helps to maintain security for the user’s account. But, in today’s technologically advanced era, SMS 2FA has fallen out steadily. Instead, TOTP generated by apps on the user’s device is not considered more secure and relevant. Keep reading to know the reason why TOTP is better than SMS.

What is TOTP?

TOTP or Time Based One Time Password is the most common form of Two-Factor Authentication in today’s time. In this, unique passwords consisting of numbers are generated through standardized algorithms. These time-based passwords are available offline and provide user-friendly, increased security when used as a second factor.

How Is TOTP 2FA Better than SMS 2FA?

For the authentication process and to keep the accounts of users secure and reliable, both SMS and TOTP use a two-factor authentication system. It helps to protect your account from automated cyberattacks.

In the case of SMS 2FA, it generates a static code that automatically expires once you use it or if it hasn’t been used for a certain period of time. Therefore, if someone obtains the code before the user submits it, they can easily access your account. On the other hand, TOTP 2FA automatically generates refresh codes every 30 to 60 seconds, making it difficult for scammers to steal the code. In addition, these codes are more difficult to intercept in comparison to the SMS codes.

The basic way to intercept SMS two-factor authentication code is by either swapping out the user’s sim card or impersonating the user and ordering the copy of their SIM to some different address. Apart from this, hackers can even target a particular user’s mobile phone and steal it. Whereas, on the other hand, TOTP codes are generated by the app installed in the user’s mobile phone. So, to hack the code, the scammer either has to steal the user’s mobile phone or break into the app that requires a lot of technical skills.

Potential TOTP 2FA Risks

TOTP has some design shortcomings despite being the secure and reliable two-factor authentication method. The code of TOTP depends on the shared secret stored by the app and the server it stays connected to. In case the hacker manages to recover the shared secret, they can generate the codes according to their will. Furthermore, there are potentials for design flows as well.

Apart from these weaknesses, TOTP two-factor authentication is much more secure than SMS. For the companies who are willing to set up cybersecurity, they must opt for Time Based One Time Password rather than SMS on their IT resources.

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