The continued digital revolution and the emergence of new-age technologies have tremendously transformed business models over the last decade. This rapidly evolving business environment makes it incredibly difficult for companies to sustain differentiation exclusively based on pricing or the products it offers. Communication platforms with a multi-channel approach helps create differentiation for startups, brands and large businesses. One such mobile channel is WhatsApp, which is being used for personal interactions, as well as by enterprises to resolve customer queries and elevate customer relationship management. 

WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business is an app designed specifically for small business owners. It can be used to create a catalogue to showcase your products and services. With tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages, it is easy to communicate with customers.

WhatsApp API is designed for large and medium sized companies. However, unlike the app, the API is not free of charge, and companies usually need WhatsApp Business Solution Providers or CPaaS providers like Mtalkz to access the WhatsApp API interface.

Across several industries, you can use WhatsApp Business API to notify, converse and engage with customers through their most preferred messaging app. WhatsApp API can act as a dynamic platform to drive two-way conversations and improve customer satisfaction. Also, customers not having to download an additional app acts as a stimuli for engaging with businesses via an app they already use and trust. Let us look at some use cases from different industries: 

  • Automotive

Businesses can let potential customers locate a showroom, schedule an appointment, book test drives, and manage dealers within the same application. After the sale, businesses can share insurance processing updates, smart car functions and updates, and roadside assistance for existing customers. Customers can also directly reach out to check on their invoice, warranty information, insurance status, and feedback on the entire procedure. 

  • E-Commerce

By mapping customers’ journeys, finding opportunities at each stage, and enabling personalised customer service through instant messaging platforms, E-commerce brands can build a stronger relationship with their customers and supply them with a better shopping experience. WhatsApp Business API enables E-commerce companies to seamlessly meet the growing expectations of today’s customers.

  • Healthcare

Customers now expect best-in-class facilities, more value, and a higher level of expertise from a healthcare service/institution. From sending prescription updates, appointment confirmations/reminders, and medical test reports to sharing insurance processing and due balance updates. WhatsApp can act as a mediator and enable several urgent requests, from sharing test updates and reports on insurance processing and outstanding balance.

  • Travel

The rising competition in the travel industry has put Online Travel Agencies under pressure to show customers the added value they bring to the table. Including WhatsApp in their communication suite will make OTAs more reachable, better-connected host and travel partners. In addition, OTAs can carry out the entire customer journey end-to-end via WhatsApp. For instance, consumers can generate a ticket booking inquiry with just a WhatsApp message, and the OTA’s support team can respond instantly with seat availability and prices.

  • Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

Including channels like WhatsApp in their communication strategy will allow BFSI companies to manage customer conversations efficiently. Giving them a holistic view of their interactions and thereby helping them assist their customers better. Banks and financial service institutions can also use this channel to notify and keep their customers informed for processes such as OTP authentication, transactional alerts, portfolio updates, policy renewal reminders, trade summaries, and so much more.

The Upshot

With WhatsApp Business, it’s remarkably easy for businesses to interact with customers. WhatsApp Business has plenty of opportunities of turning into something major, and the addition of WhatsApp Payments should work as a catalyst. Mtalkz API for WhatsApp lets you reach over 1.5 billion users on WhatsApp utilising a simple REST API, all in Mtalkz’s Programmable Messaging platform. The company offers an exceptional combination of multiple communications services under a single umbrella. Get started today with trial packs to ease out the world of your digital communications!