The many means of notifications are part and parcel of an era where the speed of information — and reaction — has become central. That’s not just true in our personal lives but applies equally to the business world. 

Notifications are vital building blocks in this new data-driven and event-driven world. Notifications provide the ability for applications and services to communicate information in real time, not only to drive data but also to trigger actions for users and applications. Whether the technology backing those notifications is an enterprise service, a message queue, or a messaging backbone, notifications serve as the bridge between different applications for processing and acting on data.

When the notifications are being sent to the users, there are different things to keep in mind while making this move. If users receive a message at the wrong time, there are chances that they will get annoyed and do not like to interact with your business in future. In this blog, let’s discuss some guidelines on how to send a message at a certain time so that you don’t annoy your users. For enterprises, the right time to send promotional messages begins from 9 am until 9 pm daily. 

Tailor Your Marketing Campaigns – Send the Right Message at the Right Time

Mtalkz’s SMS API is a powerhouse of SMS marketing for businesses. With a unique system, perfectly architected with volume and speed in mind, Mtalkz can schedule messages to send at the right time. Running highly targeted notification campaigns can see a click rate as high as 30%.

Businesses can successfully tailor their marketing campaigns for an upcoming sale, new season or holiday in the knowledge they will reach the audience at the optimal moment. Mtalkz suggests ideal times for messaging your customers and send message within appropriate time frames. Let’s look at some robust use cases of scheduled SMS that businesses must leverage:

  • Welcome Messages

Whether you’re offering a discount, gathering new customer info, or sending the first message of a drip campaign, create a solid first impression and deliver a positive customer experience from the first moment a user interacts with your brand.

  • Follow-up with Leads

Building a connection with prospects is an essential sales strategy. Stay in touch by scheduling a few follow-up messages throughout the sales cycle. 35–50% of sales go to the business that responds first. Speed matters, so build an autoresponder that gets you in touch with a lead within seconds of them conveying interest.

  • Birthday Wish/Celebration Message

Let your customers know you’re thinking of them without extra effort by scheduling a birthday wish or an anniversary message to send annually on their special days.

  • Important Event Reminders

Schedule important event reminders instantly to keep your clients up-to-date with important events. Furthermore, missed appointments waste time and hurt revenue. So instead of reminding yourself to compose a reminder text the day before, schedule it right after the appointment is made.

  • Collect Customer Reviews

About 95% of customers go through reviews before making a purchase. Help your business keep a steady stream of reviews by automatically sending a review-request text message days after purchase. 

Best Time to Send SMS

An SMS marketing campaign should follow the target audience’s schedule to get maximum engagement. The best time to send SMS will be when the audience is on their phones and in good spirits to take action. Here are some tips to keep in mind for various industries:

  • News: 3-4 times a day, depending on the news, its importance and urgency, as per your users.
  • Games: Once a day or less. Not all users are gamers, so it’s important to understand your target audience to get a high response rate.
  • Travel: 2-3 times a week. This number might increase/decrease depending on the vacation season, long weekends, etc. If you wish to promote a new package available at your travel agency, then it’s a good number to consider.
  • E-commerce: This industry will get the best responses between 3 to 4 pm on Wednesdays. By mid-week, people are more relaxed to indulge in shopping.
  • BFSI: The best time is on Tuesdays between 3 to 5 pm. This can be used to promote a policy, home loan, account opening, or any other plan.
  • Fitness: 3-4 times a week. If you wish to propose a daily fitness program, then daily reminders are valid too.

Leverage Mtalkz to Reach your Audience at the Optimal Moment

Get everything you need to engage customers and text millions at once with Mtalkz. Mtalkz gives you the tools to reach your target audience at the perfect time. It is the ultimate platform to ensure your business aims at maximum conversion by sending the most relevant and personalised messages in real time.