IVR or Interactive Voice Response is the tool that various companies use for collecting data or routing calls without even answering the phone calls. It is essential for the companies that manage significant phone calls, as the IVR system allows agents to focus on more complex tasks. In addition, IVR is capable of collecting the information and routing the call to the right agent.

The main reason for using an IVR is to route the phone calls to the required agent without wasting time navigating the volume of calls. It helps collect the caller’s information, reject unwanted calls and provide you with 24*7 hours available services. Businesses use Interactive Voice Response systems to offer a good customer experience and automate the process of business seamlessly.

Build Your Own IVR System

You can build your own IVR system by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Answer a Phone Call

You need to configure your number to send your web app an HTTP request while receiving a phone call.

Step 2: Respond to the Request

Now, you must respond to HTTP requests with the top-level menu. Again, it helps to gather input from the caller.

Step 3: Receive Caller’s Input

The service provider reads the user’s input and sends an HTTP request to your server, containing instructions on responding. Therefore, it would be best to have greater flexibility while designing, building and updating an IVR system as each input retrieves a separate set of instructions.

Step 4: Process the Caller’s Selection

Depending upon the caller’s selection, your web app instructs the service provider to play another menu, gain more information and connect the call to another number.

Step 5: Route the Caller

When the caller selects the option to speak with an agent, the call gets connected with the agent. Phone numbers can be read from the database, and the endpoint can be a soft-phone.

Benefits of using an IVR System

IVR system helps to build up improved relationships with the customers for the businesses. Here are some of the benefits that the IVR system provides:

Looks More Professional

Using an IVR system helps to offer a professional outlook to the business. The businesses can be available for 24*7 hours for providing customer satisfaction. It helps to gain a satisfactory response from the customer.


Routing calls to suitable agents helps to save a lot of time and effort for individuals. The unwanted calls can be screened out, thus avoiding the wastage of time.

Personal Experience

The user can personalize voice response to help the customers connect with the real agents of the call.

Save Time and Money

With IVR, one can remove the expense of hiring the live agent to screen out and route the voice calls. It even allows customers the option to skip the calls they don’t need to listen to.

Using an IVR system helps to give priority to customers by providing the best customer experience. mTalkz provides a full-fledged IVR solution for enhanced customer satisfaction. It offers services across the world which are customizable according to International requirements. The customer conversation can be automatically recorded and stored on the cloud for future reference. In addition, it ensures an effective follow up on the missed calls and timely notifications. To build your own IVR system, visit the mTalkz website!

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