The COVID-19 pandemic suddenly heightened the immediate need for crisis communication, virtual workspace and rapid adaptation of the digital medium. mTalkz responded to the need of the hour and helped various governmental departments, schools and colleges, hospitals and medical facilities, financial institutions, logistics companies, etc., send essential communication and advance towards the digital revolution. We helped various branches of civil society during the pandemic by offering the following services:

Emergency Communication For Government Agencies, NGOs, And Social Welfare Organisations

Different government departments like health, police, railways, food supplies, etc., heavily relied on our services to communicate information regarding lockdowns, containment zones, health reports, donations, and other similar services. Our bulk SMS service and Whatsapp business API automation helped provide necessary help to the affected population. This communication medium also helped gather critical feedback and create awareness about the deadly virus and safety concerns. 

Online Learning For Students From Home

The virtual classroom was an essential part of the new normal. Several students stood at the risk of losing an academic year had there not been a smooth transition from offline to online teaching. Thus, schools and colleges relied on SMS marketing strategies to keep their students updated about class timings, online exams, virtual IDs, etc. They also used the digital medium to send study materials, conduct exams and regular classes—all these required timely dispersals of information for a massive volume of users. With mTalkz bulk SMS for schools and colleges, such requirements were easily met.

Logistics Updates For Online And Offline Retailers

The pandemic also saw consumers suddenly shifting to online shopping. This led to the emergence of several delivery agencies. This meant there had to be increased corporations between all the players in the entire supply chain. Our bulk SMS service helped bridge together any communication gaps through timely updates about pickups and deliveries, information about expected and unexpected delays, etc. 

Virtual Hospital Consultations

With the coronavirus pandemic, hospital consultations also shifted to the digital medium. This meant hospitals had to rely on bulk SMS service to inform the patients about doctors’ availability, online appointment time, reminders, important links for registrations and payments, links to test reports, etc. mTalkz provided this essential communication service to several prominent hospitals and clinics and ensured flawless doctor-patient coordination during a tough time.

Timely Dispatch of Financial Information by Banks, NBFCs, etc.

The lockdown also witnessed some crucial changes made by the Reserve Bank of India and the government in loan applications and EMIs. This meant that a massive volume of personalised text messages had to be sent out to customers all over the country. With mTalkz, banks and NBFCs have a smooth experience where reminders about EMIs, information about the moratorium, missed call numbers for assistance, etc., were delivered to a wide range of customers across the country within a matter of seconds.

Employee And Customer Communication

The COVID-19 pandemic also saw the rise of work from home culture. This called increased coordination between the employees and their offices. Issues like leaves, attendance, meeting links, and reminders about important client calls had to go out timely to maintain work quality. Human resources also depended on SMSs and missed call numbers to help employees cope with the new challenges of working from home. mTalkz helped its clients achieve this goal by sending personalised messages in multiple languages to the employees to continue to feel and work like a team.

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We at mTalkz are always looking forward to updating our services with the changing times. The coronavirus pandemic made everyone experience an unprecedented time, and our company acted swiftly to help our clients take appropriate measures so that business remains unaffected. We have been trusted time and again by reputed names across various industries for high-quality and reliable services. We are proud that we could deliver it to them every time.