Change with time is essential for everyone as change & adoption helps grow. In the same way, the finance industry is also changing to “fintech”. Everything is digitizing, as we can see banks to neo banks, from cash payments to online payments, etc. 

mTalkz Mobility is a communication service provider. mTalkz is a one-stop solution for communication services like Bulk SMS, Number masking, IVR systems, Voice, Email, WhatsApp Business API etc.

mTalkz helps to grow the fintech industry with Communication services: 

  1. SMS Service- It can be a traditional way to circulate information but the easiest way to reach your targeted audiences & existing customers. Make it easy & trigger your SMS through API. Make your customer feel special through personalized messaging.

Types of SMS:-

  • Transactional SMS– Send information, alerts & reminders
  • OTP SMS- Do verification
  • Promotional SMS- Advertise your brand, products & services

Features of SMS:-

  • High open & conversion rate.
  • Multi-language option.
  • Worldwide reach.
  • The messages can be personalized.
  • It is flexible as you can schedule your event.

Rich Communication Service-

RCS enables interactive mobile experience between company & customers. It upgrades text messaging with rich features like branding, media & analytics. Now SMS can be two-way communication as customers can reply to the received SMS.

Some of the benefits of RCS: –

  • Send larger, higher-quality images, and access a much broader array of emojis.
  • Stream audio and video.
  • Provide better group chat capabilities.
  • Enjoy greater security than is found with apps.
  • Make use of several in-call and post-call features.

WhatsApp Business API

Today, people do not want to stand in bank lines for accounts to open. With an upgrade in the communication channels, banks can open saving accounts and do KYC through the WhatsApp API platform as people are more active on WhatsApp.

Features of WhatsApp Business API :

  • Messages should be transactional in nature.
  • Multi-Language option.
  • Multimedia option.
  • Notification/ template can be sent.
  • It can be a one way or two-way communication platform.
  • Chatbot can be integrated


Integration of WhatsApp chatbot helps in enjoying accessible communication between customer & company. Integration of chatbot can be done in website, WhatsApp API & Applications. These chatbots send automated answers to the questions asked by customers. 

Use of Chatbot

  • Customer Service- Resolve your customers’ problems faster.
  • Sales- Capture your leads & qualify them.
  • Marketing- Engagements that convert website traffic into leads

Voice Service

Voice service includes IVR, OBD, Number masking, Miss call. You can send reminder calls (EMI, alters, customer support etc.), promotional calls for loans, mutual funds etc.

a) IVR – Interactive Voice Response is a technology that allows a pre-recorded voice to interact with humans through the voice & DTMF tones input via keyboard. The level of IVR depends on the uses. IVR systems can be used for:-

  • Customer support & feedback
  • Services & Offers
  • Lead generation through enquiry calls

b) OBD – An outbound call is one initiated by a call center agent to a customer on behalf of a call center or client. Outbound calls are usually made to prospective customers and focus on sales, lead generation, telemarketing, and fundraising.


  • 15 sec pulses
  • 30 Sec pulses
  • 60 Sec pulses

c) Number Masking – Call masking or number masking is a telephone feature to display a designated phone number on outbound calls. Callers can only view the caller ID that you set and not your real phone number or extension. This feature allows you or your team to use your primary phone number or a local virtual number for a locally focused calling campaign. Using a masked number is safer and easy to use to protect your personal number. This popular VoIP feature improves your customer experience and safeguards your personal information.

Features of Call Masking

  • Number Selection- It can be a toll-free or virtual number.
  • Protect the identities of both parties when the call is patched.
  • It can be integrated into App or Web.
  • Multiple Channel connectivity.
  • Call recording & log.
  • Real-time reporting & Analytics.

d) Miss Call Service- Missed call service will help you to generate leads & enable you to engage with your prospects quickly. Publish your unique number in print media, website, social media platforms & other marketing platforms. 

Features of Missed Call services

  • Prospect will give a missed call on your number
  • The number has been added to your database in real-time.
  • Callers will receive an SMS on a mobile number with a Thank you message etc.
  • You’ll get real-time miss call notifications on your registered email.
  • Now you or your agent can call this number back and take the conversation ahead.