Innovation capability and technology swiftness is giving rise to the Indian startup ecosystem. In the last one decade, this has been driven by scalable technologies and impactful solutions that enable startups to evolve more effectively. 

One such technology that allows startups to move a step ahead faster in their business is IVR. IVR solutions make the communication process efficient and easier for all companies. Interactive Voice Response, abbreviated as IVR, is a technology that enables computer and human interaction by using either keypad inputs or voice commands. IVR uses pre-recorded audio to answer the user’s queries. At times, it can also use auto-generated audio to respond to queries.

IVR is mainly used to take inputs from the user to guide them to the desired destination and provide the optimal solution accordingly. In addition to this, the IVR systems are also designed to keep a track record of all the calls and provide detailed real-time reports as and when needed.

The IVR systems have become so advanced nowadays by integrating new technologies like NPL (Natural Language Processing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). These advancements help IVR software deliver improved customer service with the least manual or human effort. 

Why should you use and how does implementing an IVR solution escalate growth?

We have witnessed that the advancement of technologies and the growth of digital avenues leads to higher competition. Given the vast competition, it is very challenging for startups to survive amidst the pool of other startups and established organizations. However, if you utilize the technology effectively, smartly, and to the best, you will certainly see notable growth with time. The use of tech not only helps you be cost-effective but also helps maintain performance with limited resources. Right investments at the beginning can lead to a very bright future ahead. 

So, if you are new to the market, then using an IVR system not only tackles a huge burden of customer servicing but also creates a professional image that is beneficial in the long term. Additionally, it also helps you cut the manual customer servicing cost by nearly 40%. Also, IVR is being offered as a SAAS service that does not incur any infrastructure costs. 

Building and scaling Startup with IVR 

  • IVR solutions are cost-effective. 
  • One-time solution with minimal maintenance.
  • N need for large IT infrastructure as it can be implemented through cloud technology.
  • They help you maintain performance.
  • They require minimal human resources involvement.
  • They add premium administrative appeal.

So, summing up everything, we can conclude that with the help of the IVR system, an organization can provide IVR solutions that will make your B2C communication process highly efficient and cost-effective.

Benefits of Integrating IVR into your business

IVR can provide a range of communication solutions to your Organization. Here are the top benefits of integrating IVR solutions into your business.

  1. Customization of conversation (Based on demographic factors)
  2. Adding a premium organizational value to your startup
  3. Enhanced customer service experience
  4. 24 Hour availability (Escape time constraints)
  5. Call routing based on configurations
  6. Serve Marketing and Public Relations purpose

Why choose IVR service provider over self-deployment of IVR?

It is important to understand that wasting resources in deploying the IVR solution by integrating IVR software on your end can be time-consuming, costly, and will require training and research. Thus it is advised that one should look for a reliable IVR service provider. Such an IVR Service provider will help develop IVR solutions for your organization. mTalkz is a key player with several years of experience in providing readily deployable IVR systems and services. For any business needs, please write to us and make your IVR system live in less than 24 hours.