India is now at a cusp of becoming a developed country. The education sector in the country is going to play an important role in this growth story as the literacy levels of the country is a major matrix to gauge its progress on the development scale. The quality of education being provided in our schools is considered not to the desired mark and there is a need to improve the same. The teachers in schools are one of the pillars on which the education edifice stands. The other two important pillars of this monument, the education system are the students and the parents. The teachers’ pillar is slowly being strengthened through better pay and better training of teachers. The parents are also keen to ensure that their wards get a quality education. They are even willing to pay extra to ensure a better education for their children. The students are also keen to excel in studies and to take on the world. But the other often ignored pillar of the strong education system is the interaction or communication between the students, the teachers, and the parents.

Bulk SMS for schools and Social media marketing are the tools which are used these days to make both way communicative This is an intangible factor and is hence difficult to measure and is thus often ignored. However, the school education system cannot improve without improving the factor of interaction between the three pillars of the school education system. Thankfully the technology can now aid the schools in improving this interaction both in terms of quality and quantity. Bulk SMS service for schools is one of the means of improving the interaction between the students, the teachers, and the parents. Mtalkz can help schools to improve the interaction between the students, the teachers, and the parents by integrating SMS API in their systems. the company can even help the school management in the better management of the schools and even keeping a close liaison with the alumni of the school which can help in motivation for the current students to excel in life. Better interaction between the school teachers, the students and the parents going to be a unique feature of good educational institutes of the modern age. This going to be a distinguishing factor which will drive enrolment in the schools. Schools will ignore the bulk SMS service at their own peril.

Bulk SMS for schools and universities and WhatsApp API Being offered through Mtalkz also has the following additional benefits:-

(a)   Economical. The services are economical and will also lead to the reduction of phone bills and the man-hours of the school employees in communicating with parents.

(b)   White Label. Mtalkz does not insist on the use of its logo or brand in the bulk SMS services being provided using its platform and technology. The school can thus on the face of it own the whole system.

(c)   Service Support. Mtalkz provides high quality and very responsive round the clock support for the services being offered through it.


Bulk SMS services for schools can be used for the following types of interactions:-


  • To inform prospective parents about the admission dates and process.
  • To widely publicize the results of the school and other achievements.
  • To invite prospective parents for school annual days,
  • fairs, fetes and other promotional events.
  • ¬†To inform/invite prospective parents to guest lectures and other educational activities like the science exhibition.


  • ¬†To inform parents about the attendance of¬† their wards
  • ¬†To inform parents if a child is absent without prior permission.
  • ¬† To inform parents about holidays.
  • ¬† To inform parents about the homework being given to the students.
  • ¬†To inform parents about the fee payment schedule.
  • ¬† To inform parents about PTM and other meetings.
  • ¬†To inform parents about the result of their child in various tests.
  • ¬† To pass on transportation-related information to parents.

Knowledge Enhancement

 To run a quiz contest for parents and students.   To invite parents to participate in the education of their child through activities related to the class lesson.  Storytelling by parents related to class lessons.