There’s a lot of business buzz right now around the WhatsApp messaging app. WhatsApp has quickly emerged as the go-to messaging app for people around the globe. It’s a fast, simple, and user-friendly way for family, friends and colleagues to

  • Chat
  • Create groups
  • Broadcast messages
  • Share photos and videos
  • Send and receive documents
  • Engage in private, end-to-end encryption conversations anytime, day or night.

With the unveiling of WhatsApp Business API, companies around the world are exploring the possibilities of using WhatsApp for creating conversations with their customers. And why not? In this omnichannel world of texts, video calls, online documents sharing, posts, reposts, tweets, companies are looking for interactive ways to connect with their audience and wish to build conversations with their users the same way they do with their friends and family. 

WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook messenger have taken the lead by becoming the primary communication channel used today. Therefore, companies are super excited to use the platform that unleashes 60 billion messages per day – WhatsApp Business!  The WhatsApp Business API allows developers to build new experiences, reach more people around the globe, incorporate WhatsApp Chatbot and see an immense customer engagement. 

Using WhatsApp API for Business, companies can send texts, pictures, or documents. In addition, WhatsApp API for business lets companies send alerts, notifications, verification codes, booking confirmations,  have business specified WhatsApp chatbot, etc. WhatsApp API is user friendly, convenient, and international.

Moreover, with end-to-end encryption, users trust it the most. 

The time is here for companies to be seen. Creating a WhatsApp Business Account can be tricky, but a lot of companies can help to ensure that the API integrations are done properly and that the programming suits the company. 

WhatsApp API is what makes your business look authentic in front of the customers, with proper coding and a green badge with your name, WhatsApp chatbot, your business becomes a reliable source of communication for your customers. Along with 100% authenticity, here are three more reasons businesses should opt for WhatsApp Business at the earliest. 

WhatsApp uses end to end encryption:

All WhatsApp messages and calls are secured with end-to-end encryption. This implies that only the business and the customer can read messages or listen to calls. Nobody can read or listen to conversations in between, not even WhatsApp. 

This secures confidential conversations between customers and businesses and prevents potential eavesdroppers like telecom providers, Internet providers, aggregators and the communication service provider. 

The security level of WhatsApp Business API:

With the WhatsApp Business API, the end-to-end encryption remains unchanged. The communication between customers and businesses is secure, and no third party can go through the conversation. WhatsApp doesn’t store messages or relationships between numbers and contact information. 

WhatsApp does not store messages on their servers:

WhatsApp does not store messages between customers and businesses as a routine of providing their services. Instead, the conversations are stored on the device – instead of WhatsApp’s servers. 

WhatsApp may store the messages only if a message is undeliverable or if a user forwards a message containing media. In both cases, the information is only stored temporarily (in the delivery process).

Lastly, as the world is going tech-savvy, it’s time for small and big businesses to make their place on a platform that people around the globe most use. So, get ready to engage your customers in a whole new way? 

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