In this digitalized world, the role of the human workforce is reduced in all the repetitive tasks, thus enhancing productivity and speeding up service delivery. To survive and grow in this competitive market, your business needs to put in a serious effort to delight your customers. Even the banking sector has adopted various measures to work smoothly and instantly. These changes are quite evident and are appreciable.

How Banks can Engage with Customers for Feedback

Banks should engage with customer support through live chat, voice message, email, or call up the support system. Engaging with the customers through these platforms helps the backs collect their customer’s feedback and their opinions. The customer expects round-the-clock support and consistent service across all touchpoints and channels of engagement. A satisfied customer helps in the growth and survival of any business. Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of every business to keep their customers satisfied and happy. To enhance the conversation, banks can even deliver personalized experiences to each customer based on previous interactions through email, social media, chat, text, or phone. 

What Makes a Bank Stand Out

All banks are basically the same. Only a few consumers feel that their bank offers unique, differentiated services that fit their needs is the only thing that makes the bank stand out. Digital-first experience helps to make financial management easier for customers. Therefore, it is the responsibility of banks to offer such services that make customers feel satisfied and provide them with instant services to make them stand out in this competitive market.

Importance of SMS

SMS banking or mobile banking is a modern technology that is used by some of the financial institutions to send messages, notifications, or alerts to the customer’s mobile phones via the SMS, or a service provided by them like WhatsApp chatbot which enables customers to perform some financial transactions using SMS.

You Can Use Following Points To Get Customer Feedback Through Text Messaging

  1. Create the format for your audience for feedback surveys. 
  2. Send your text surveys at the right time. 
  3. Make the most of two-way communication. 
  4. As a part of promotion, ask for feedback from the customer. 
  5. Text surveys help to get more customer feedback.

Importance of WhatsApp

We can also use WhatsApp to receive the feedback of targeted customers. After rendering your banking services, you can ask customers to rate you immediately via  WhatsApp chatbot conversation. This helps to ensure real-time updates and a high-response rate, which is extremely critical to the banking and FinTech industry.

The fact that WhatsApp is a frequently used and convenient app, thus using a WhatsApp business API helps to enhance the chances that the customer responds to feedback surveys or messages. You can use these feedbacks to better understand and serve the customer’s. Creating a connection with financial consumers helps to build their trust.

Only by collecting and acting on customers’ digital feedback, banks can deliver a differentiated experience that keeps customers enthusiastically satisfied and loyal. Hence companies offer digital-first experiences that make financial management easier for customers.

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