As the world moves towards a mobile-first mindset, many businesses are shifting to E-commerce to offer customers a better experience online. E-commerce retail is an idea of the future. And online shopping behaviour includes price checking and product research making the current E-commerce climate an extremely competitive one. In turn, E-marketers are turning to SMS solutions to bolster their marketing campaigns. Many online retailers see improved revenue from their Bulk SMS marketing campaigns within weeks or months of launching their first one. 

Advantages of Bulk SMS Service for E-commerce

  • Cost-Effective: Comparing with e-mail, regular mail distribution, TV and other advertisement channels, Bulk SMS is the most economical method of communication with buyers, which is essential for large volumes of information sent out.
  • Time-saving: Once a standard template has been designed, your business can eliminate the need to re-enter SMS every time you need to send a message. 
  • Customer Retention: Customer retention and repeat buying are improved with Bulk SMS as customers are encouraged to purchase more and often with special discounts/coupons and promotions.
  • Higher Conversion: You can expect a high conversion rate after sending a message via Bulk SMS. The more customers read your messages, the higher the probability of getting new ones on board.

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How can you use the Bulk SMS platform in E-commerce? 

Now, let’s discuss the good stuff and show you what E-marketers around the web are doing to compliantly compose an SMS list, market to their customers and prospects, use client service in the mix, and ultimately boost their business:  

Status of Order SMS

Bulk SMS service helps track the product’s status and updates such as the shipment details, out-for-delivery information, and ETA via the links as used by Amazon, Myntra, and many other E-commerce platforms. These types of SMS are the most anticipated by the customers. Once the customer receives the goods, an order completion message can also be shared via Bulk SMS.

New Arrivals Promotion

Bulk SMS service promotes new products and boosts sales by informing people about their benefits and features. It helps persuade customers to buy the new product by updating them about the sales/discount deals. That is how E-commerce platforms can trigger and inform their prospect to add the newly launched products to their carts.

Follow-ups & Reminders

Bulk SMS helps to follow up with the customers when they might have left an item in their carts. It serves to remind them that they still have time to purchase the item under a particular discount offer. In short, E-commerce websites can remind customers about any incomplete purchase, or they can keep them informed of all the offers, sales, seasonal and other discounts to draw their attention.

Festive/Occasion Updates

The massive amount of holidays celebrated is an excellent opportunity to send Bulk SMS to your clients’ database with offers, like Diwali Sale, New Year’s Special Offer, Christmas New Arrivals and even Birthday Discounts. It will be a great excuse to remind the client about your store. 

Since Bulk SMS is highly personal, the response ratio is much higher than the other marketing channels. It allows you to get a higher income and provides a customer-oriented service that leads to a loyal client base. Understanding the uses and benefits of Bulk SMS marketing help your E-commerce NOW with the best Bulk SMS Service Provider mTalkz. mTalkz helps you impact and reach the masses efficiently, effectively, right within budget!