Interactive voice response, or IVR, is a feature of automated communication services that engages callers and collects information or data by providing them alternatives from a menu. The IVR system then takes appropriate action in response to the caller’s voice response or keypad responses.

A business often uses an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to maximise this initial point of interaction. More than 50% of customers support using IVR systems since they think they give them access to real-time replies to their queries. The customer experience is improved by an IVR system since it enables customers to self-serve the information they require without help from customer service. In addition, it lessens the volume of calls made to contact centres, which decreases wait times and lowers operating costs for the sectors.

Types of IVR

There are two types of IVR, classified as: 

  • IVR on a Single Level

An IVR that only has one level can be described as having a very simple main menu from which the user chooses one of these choices. IVR with several levels lacks any embedded options. Companies with fewer service options typically employ single level IVR. This is so that the IVR can quickly respond to the customer’s request.

  • IVR with Multiple Levels

An IVR with the main menu and a sub-menu for each menu item is known as a multi-level IVR. For instance, the caller can choose to “monitor orders” in the sales option, “request billing information,” or “register a product complaint.” Support menu items also provide several sub-menus, making it simple to answer consumer questions.

5 Must-Know Things About IVR Solutions

There are several benefits which an IVR based solution can provide such as: 

  • Easy to Set-up

You don’t need to have a lot of technical knowledge to set up an IVR. It is common for businesses to worry that hiring experts would be required for successful IVR routing or recording. A reliable service provider like Mtalkz can, however, develop and onboard an intuitive dashboard for them with easy-to-use commands and actions.

  • Self-Service Feature

Self-service IVR, or interactive voice response, is a self-service system that helps contact centres be more productive and offer clients services that don’t need a live representative. Your contact centre can lower expenses and call volume while enhancing agent availability by implementing self-service IVR. A self-service feature offers quick resolution to simple queries. 

  • Reduces Call Abandon Rate

The call centre dialer’s IVR capability should be enabled as the first step towards lowering call abandonment rates. The automated IVR function of the call centre system reads out pre-recorded messages to direct the consumer through a menu based on the caller’s input. Prior to engaging with agents, it is beneficial to determine the customer’s query. IVR can be made simple and straightforward to use, which makes it easier for customers to find solutions fast on their own and lowers the number of abandoned calls.

  • Call Recording for Future Use

The system includes a call recording function that enables the company to live-record client calls. Given that it may be widely used to understand customers and their needs, this facility shows to be quite beneficial for future customers. They could work to raise the calibre of the goods or services. A company has a fantastic potential to enhance the experience of customers based on call recording features.

  • What do Customers Prefer More – Chatbots or IVR?  

Understanding complex speech patterns eliminates the requirement for one-word responses. Callers are given the opportunity to provide thorough descriptions of their issues, and depending on their responses, either solutions or recommendations to go on to the next choice are provided. Customers choose IVR-based solutions over chatbots since they are personalised and support multiple languages.  

Equip your Business with IVR Solutions of Mtalkz

Businesses of any size or scale can benefit from interactive voice response. This technology ensures a smooth and enhanced calling experience to users. 

IVR technology will greatly benefit from upcoming developments in speech recognition and text messaging. Owing to developments in speech recognition technology, IVR systems will soon be able to recognise a speaker’s tone, accent, and other characteristics. The tried-and-true touch tones on telephone keypads will always remain available, even if callers will be less likely to use them. 

Therefore, if you want to enhance customer service and provide a memorable experience, get in touch with the Mtalkz team to start IVR integration for your business today!