WhatsApp has grown to be one of the most powerful digital communication platforms on the planet, with over 1.5 billion users globally. The average user checks the messaging app more than twenty-three times a day.

Until recently, customer-centric businesses were unable to access the WhatsApp API. Due to the growth of the WhatsApp Business application for small enterprises.WhatsApp has introduced an API that can be used for retail enterprise communications. 

How does WhatsApp API work?

The WhatsApp Business API gets linked to your consumer communication platform to control WhatsApp’s message delivery and notifications. WhatsApp Business API can be used to build customised, two-way conversational interactions that distinguish your business apart from the competition.

There’s a competition to leverage the closest channel to customers to increase consumer communications and notifications; hence building your USP by using WhatsApp API is very crucial. Here are five popular ways that will help you to improve customer experience by using WhatsApp API

Creating a Virtual Assistant

80% of the messages sent via WhatsApp are seen within 5 minutes, making your chances of visibility higher. To achieve this desired outcome, use WhatsApp Business API to deploy a branded virtual assistant who will serve as the first point of contact for both new and existing consumers. The assistant can greet consumers, answer frequently asked questions, and raise awareness of the channel’s many self-service customer experiences, ranging from account restoration to store stock checks. When all self-service alternatives have been exhausted or a high-priority inquiry has been detected, a helpdesk agent can connect to the chat and take over the discussion.

Assist Buyers to track and engage with loyalty programs

Customer loyalty programs are an essential aspect of managing consumer relationships and are a mainstay of the retail experience. Many loyalty cards have been replaced with digital counterparts that allow customers to monitor points and claim prizes through a brand’s app in response to changing consumer behaviour. WhatsApp Business API can be utilised to make a loyalty program more accessible and increase program engagement. Customers may use WhatsApp API to monitor and manage their loyalty points while on the move and interact with customised offers, search for their rewards, and respond to targeted messages.

Recommendations and Alerts for new products

Customers, both new and old, could use WhatsApp to communicate and contribute information about what they’re looking for. You may then create automatic responses that use photos and videos to showcase relevant products and services, as well as propose other products based on past searches and purchases. Once the consumer has found the item they desire, the transaction can be completed by clicking on a SmartLink that takes them to a payment screen. Not only can a WhatsApp Business API solution help you boost revenue, but it will also show how much information you have about each consumer.

Manage Delivery and return services

You may use WhatsApp API for Business to schedule the delivery of real-time, customised alerts to keep your customers informed from the time they confirm their order until it reaches their doorstep. In addition, customers can flag concerns or revise their delivery options in real-time due to the channel’s ability to manage real-time replies to your adjustments. They may even use the discussion to acquire real-time courier tracking, set up a “safe place” drop-off location, or even postpone their order till they know they’ll be able to pick it up in person.

Digital in-store experience

The future of retail is a combination of both physical and digital. You can connect the virtual and in-store experiences with WhatsApp Business API. For instance, customers might use WhatsApp to schedule personalised shopping time with a sales helper or schedule pick-up times, in addition to easier use cases like inquiring about operating hours. In-store personnel may be given a WhatsApp channel to utilise as a knowledge base for  Customers’ accounts, purchase history, recommended items, and much more. This will allow for a far more customised one-on-one experience and boost the value of visiting the store.

WhatsApp is a chance for retailers to connect with their customers digitally and compete in a real world that is driven by digitization. Mtalkz, with its one-stop solutions and services, can help you reap the benefits of improved customer interactions and a better customer experience. To know more details about  Mtalkz’s services, click here.