An impeccable customer experience is essential for any company’s long term success. For generations, the motto “Customer is king” has been a key phrase for all employees and employers in businesses and services. The mantra for boosting sales and client loyalty is to refine the customer experience. Customers have a plethora of service alternatives at their fingertips and multiple options for the services they require to educate themselves and make independent purchases.

You must always enhance your customer service to ensure that your firm grows and succeeds. So the next question arises, ‘How can customer service and experience be improved?’ The answer is something so simple and effective – WhatsApp Chatbot!

The solution to the need for greater customer service is established in an era filled with people constantly motivated by the need to interact as rapidly as possible via social messaging apps. WhatsApp Business API is the future of innovation and the best illustration of how E-commerce enterprises can uplift customer experience. Within the next 18 months, 53% of businesses expect to implement a WhatsApp chatbot.

Re-building the Consumer Brand Relationship

Customers are an organisation’s most valuable asset, and precisely recognising their demands is what makes the difference. Each customer comes to you with a diverse blend of problems, questions, and concerns. To take your company’s customer interaction to the next level, you must leverage the WhatsApp chatbot in the following ways: 

  • Live Chatting Experience

Customers can communicate with their trusted companies through Chatbots, in the same manner they would with family or friends. When customers visit websites or social sites, brands must get the answers right. Prospects and customers can receive the answers they need in one place with an on-demand FAQ response, which is automated via WhatsApp Business API. This helps save your customers and your organisation time while providing an exceptional customer experience. In addition, Chatbots can detect when a customer requires human assistance and can transfer the conversation to a live representative. 

  • Round-the-clock Solution

Your WhatsApp Chatbot is available for all consumer interactions at all times. Your customers may avoid contacting you during business hours. However, using the WhatsApp API to automate a discussion will answer all their questions. No leads will be missed as a WhatsApp chatbot is available around the clock! Your customer service staff may take a vacation occasionally, but chatbots for business are 24*7 available to your audience.

  • Digital Ads on WhatsApp

A huge growth has been seen in the sector of technical advancements in recent years. Customers can now purchase anything using WhatsApp. In addition, you can now add digital advertisements to your WhatsApp landing page with a call to action. And with that, the journey to continuous lead generation and nurturing shall begin. Many businesses have experienced running advertisements via WhatsApp chatbots to assist and generate leads for starting a conversation. For instance, Flipkart uses WhatsApp conversational marketing to update its customers about the offers and sales. This helps in creating a loyal customer base for the brand. 

Scaling WhatsApp Chatbot for Effective E-commerce

AI has revolutionised how businesses communicate with their customers and their employees internally. WhatsApp Chatbots are expected to go from simple user-based enquiries to more powerful, analytics-based real-time dialogues in the future. Today, the significance of WhatsApp chatbots is recognised by many organisations indicating its rapid growth and emergence in the future. A chatbot for business is built to fit right into consumers’ chat inboxes, increase brand visibility, provide an always-on quick support service for customers, and optimise brand communication and sales.

How Can Service Providers be an Asset?

To use a WhatsApp chatbot, a company must first obtain a WhatsApp Business API, which is a process requiring permissions and business verification. After obtaining access to the WhatsApp Business API, the Chatbot and chat flows must be constructed, hosted, and connected to the API. 

There is a way around these obstacles that require less effort. Businesses can contact authorised WhatsApp API providers to handle API access. Mtalkz provides the best pricing and integration time for automation flow and templates. Prepare to elevate your customer service with Mtalkz’s innovative conversational solutions that will help you increase sales and support by building engagement.