Every business needs great customer service to satisfy and retain its customers. The problem is that it’s always difficult to answer customer queries 24*7, as it requires a workforce and investments. IVR Systems are the ideal solution for businesses to overcome the problem of delayed customer responses.

Deploying IVR Services to your business is the best way to serve customers at all times. However, it should be chosen and utilized appropriately. If not, IVR calls can be annoying for some people since they keep circling the same topics. It is important to make IVR solutions more interactive for humans. When implementing a new IVR system for your business, it is important to consider several factors. To help you with this, we have written this article about 3 Things to Consider Before Implementing a New IVR Solution. Make sure to read the article until the end to have a clear idea about the Interactive Voice Response.

What are IVR system, and Why are they important to businesses?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an automated system for voice interaction with customers by enabling them to navigate to different options with keypad selections or voice responses and providing the required information in the call. Most of us have experienced IVR calls in one or the other situations in our daily lives.

The importance of IVR Systems to businesses is:

  • Ability to handle a large volume of calls

When the business grows, and the number of queries increases, it takes time and manpower to handle large queries. This is where IVR systems come into the picture.

  • Enhances the brand’s image among customers

 IVR is capable of improving customers’ perception towards the brand. As a result, it represents the brand’s objectives and how it treats its customers.

  • Real-time engagement with customers is possible

This is one of the biggest advantages of using IVR solutions. It prevents losing any calls and saves the customer’s information.

  • Direct calls to the relevant staff

If the question asked by a customer is complex and cannot be resolved by the IVR call, the call will be handled directly by the appropriate individual who will provide the necessary service.

  • Provides customers a high level of Customer Satisfaction

 Due to data automation with IVR, it can usually respond to all inquiries. It eliminates the need to communicate with a live person. 

3 Factors to Consider Before Implementing a New IVR Services

  • Quick Navigation

Providing a pleasant experience is the most important aspect of customer service. IVR should include easy and simple navigation for customers to get the information. It should consist of only a few options in the keypad selections that don’t result in a clumsy call.

It is important to provide a shortcut to IVR for live human assistance as it will avoid abandoned calls if the customers quickly navigate to live agents.

  • Integration with different platforms

Integrating IVR into the different platforms can make the entire process smooth. You will be able to access all the information in a single place. Let’s say IVR Services is connected to CRM; then the whole data of the customer will be shown in the system. In this way, you can easily classify existing, new and old customers with a single click.

It enables the support staff to follow up with valued customers effectively. Additionally, you will be able to view missed, attended, and outgoing calls so that you will always take advantage of every lead. Also, some IVRs integrate payment gateways and back-end systems, so callers can access accounts and make transactions without speaking to a human.

So choose IVR Services, which is integrated with most of the tools and platforms your business uses. This feature will help the system match callers to the right agent. A business can also integrate IVR with payment gateways and back-office systems so callers can perform transactions and access their accounts without talking to an agent.

  • Easy Customization

It is possible to significantly enhance customer service by customizing IVR calls. So make the communications simple and effective. Start the call by making a professional introduction with a greeting. Using a humanly professional voice can answer customer queries more clearly.

IVR calls can progress if there is pleasant music playing while the call is being held. You can also use a powerful voice recognition system to detect caller intent and provide pertinent options in IVR calls.

Summing up

These are the factors to be considered while implementing IVR Solutions in the business. IVR is implemented to benefit both business and customer, and if it becomes a burden to the customer, it will gradually decline customer satisfaction. So it is important to choose the IVR, which makes both customer and business’ life easy with easy navigation and clear answers. You can check out Mtalkz to provide great customer service to your customers.