Text messages are considered as one of the effective ways to reach out to numerous people. The growth of the mobile market has led to an increase in the demand and usage of bulk SMS service. It is considered a highly effective strategy that helps businesses reach out to a large targeted audience with just a few clicks. Every business, be it large or small, uses bulk SMS service for marketing, recruiting, and customer care solutions in today’s time. 

Due to the ever-rising demand for this service, many bulk SMS service providers are available in India. Choosing an SMS vendor depends upon the reliability of that vendor and multiple factors like delivery rate, delivery speed, security, support etc. mTalkz is the best bulk SMS service provider in India. They provide a convenient platform for their users to stay in touch with their customers without any hassle.

Here are some of the factors which make mTalkz the best bulk SMS service provider:

Maximum delivery for maximum returns

mTalkz has direct connectivity with 9 Telcos. This connectivity with the multiple operators helps to guarantee best-in-class service, including the delivery rates and low latencies. This is extremely important as any glitch in the connectivity can often mean a delayed or missed SMS.

Send SMS campaigns

With the user-friendly website of mTalkz, the user can easily create powerful and customized SMS campaigns. The users can create and send personalized coupons, messages and surveys from their web UI. Personalized messages are the most effective tool for catching the attention of lots of customers.

Authentic Reports

With mTalkz, the user can get an instant insight into the messaging. They provide authentic real-time reports that help to track the delivery status. It is imperative to have an accurate delivery report from validating the database to measure the campaign reach.

Powerful SMS API’s for easy integration

mTalkz helps the user to fetch the delivery reports, receive SMS, schedule campaigns and surveys. Their powerful SMS API’s help users with deeper integration, faster go-to-market and lower development effort.

Scale with confidence

With numerous customers and 1000+ international connections, mTalkz is a market-leading business SMS product. Indian SMS industry is crowded with bulk SMS service providers and resellers.

Measure, modify and maximize campaign effectiveness.

mTalkz helps to bring unprecedented visibility to the SMS campaigns. They provide detailed click-through reports. With their top-class services, you can maximize the campaign returns.

Benefits from the most loved customer support

With 24*7 hours support service, mTalkz is known to provide the best customer support service. Helping every customer to fetch the best return for its campaigns.

Clear and honest pricing with zero hidden charges

mTalkz is transparent about its pricing strategies. There are absolutely no hidden charges involved in the transaction. They provide their best services for their customers’ benefits at affordable prices. You need to beware of SMS vendors who attract customers with cheap SMS pricing but pile up various hidden charges like API fee, subscription fee, sender’s ID fees, etc.

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Robust infrastructure for near-zero downtime

mTalkz platform is inbuilt with redundancy at every level and close monitoring system to ensure near-zero downtime.

Protect your valuable customer data

mTalkz is known to take data privacy and security policies seriously. It helps to minimize the risk of any leads or hacks. Data security is of utmost importance that helps to gain business trust, and mTalkz helps ensure that their customers’ data remain secure and private.

All these features set mTalkz different from all the other service providers. mTalkz is the best bulk SMS service provider rated 4.7/5.0 on Trustpilot.