It has always been a marketer’s delight to design campaigns that are based on consumer insights, combines cognition with emotions and reflects proof.  Logic should be replaced with Magic, the content has to be designed for the right side of the brain, and instead of appealing to the head, the campaign has to appeal to the heart.  Here we will discuss how bulk calls and or a bulk SMS can play a pivotal role in making campaigns a success.

Bulk Calls and Bulk SMS are both a preferred tool for marketers when they want to create an instant impact.  At the first level for segmentation and strategy for the communication channel to be used the marketer should focus on two important factors.  One, the content to be delivered and second, the demography of the target segment, more specifically if the language and literacy.   If the literacy rate is expected to be high in the target segment then probably Bulk SMS can provide better Return on Investment, otherwise, the clear choice should be Bulk Calls.  The bulk call typically works well where you expect the marketing campaign is designed to enable the user to make an impulse choice based on an emotional story that can be communicated in just about 20 seconds.  Sometimes fear factor insertion can work well to create enhance the message recognition and better results on call to action.  The two challenges that still persist for Bulk calls are the speed of delivery and insulation from spam marking apps.  Providers like mTalkz bulk sms service provider and an excellent infrastructure to ensure that speed of delivery of campaigns does not suffer, however, protection from spam marking apps is something which is not available to any channel provider.

In comparison, Bulk SMS as a channel for communication has been around for some time and is easily understood by marketers and the public at large.¬† Promotions are done through an appealing written message and the medium is more suitable for a target segment¬†that is literate and is able to read.¬† There is also a strong case for using vernacular messaging while targeting segments in tier B, tier c cities and villages.¬† The good thing about Bulk SMS messaging is that it’s almost instantaneous and 95% of the call to action response is received within 4 to 6 hours.¬† Nowadays many innovative and bundled channels are being created where the call to action is through long code numbers and enable a linked CRM to trigger the next best action.

In addition to stand-alone Bulk Calls or Bulk SMS, prudent marketers are now deploying omnichannel marketing automation software that allows for a high degree of user segmentation based on response behaviour exhibited by the recipients.  The main advantage of this software is that hypothesis testing is easy and very quickly the marketers can reduce a large database into a refined and responsive database.  Once the database is refined through tracking of response to call to actions the marketers then resort to typically upsell and cross-sell activities and promotions.  ROI occurs in the fact that the responsive segment often reduces to about 25% to 40% of the dataset, thereby resulting in huge savings in the channel communication costs.

Communication and messaging companies like mTalkz have many designed offerings to support Bulk SMS, Bulk Calls, Whatsapp Business API and Marketing automation.  They also provide Chabot services that can be appended to any channel, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of campaigns and reach outs.