Communicating is a way of life and communicating the right way is an essential part of success for any business. Today, having a good communication plan and a system for business is not a choice but a hygiene factor for the success of any business. 

What does a new startup need to build their business or for bootstrapping?

A new business is always cash strapped, and today it’s essential to have technology in place and send out notifications or promotions through various mediums.  These mediums could be email, SMS, voice notifications, in-app notifications or WhatsApp notifications.  A lot of companies today offer independent solutions to help startups.  These programs include the likes of AWS Activate, Microsoft for Startups and Google Cloud for Startups. However, none of these programs offer a startup the ability to leverage messaging and communication services in depth.

Why do new startups prefer mTalkz service and its startup offers?

mTalkz is a respected brand in the fields of messaging and communication services. Being a startup itself, the brand understands the subtle needs of new business and has designed plans that suit most of the startups. The startup offers are listed with various leading accelerators like NASSCOM, 91springboards, Enkash and MyHQ.  After speaking with many beneficiaries of this program, we understand the following reasons why new startups prefer the mTalkz messaging offer.

  • Speedy Activation: The services are activated at the fastest possible speed with the right set of documentation to ensure hassle-free service continuity.
  • Efficient Service: mTalkz offers fast and efficient service with the ability to route messages through various operators.
  • Working Non-stop: The service is always on with infrastructure being managed on the AWS cloud.
  • Multiple Offerings: mTalkz is one of the unique communications firms that offers a wide range of services. The services include Bulk SMS, OTP SMS Service, IVR Service, Voice SMS service, WhatsApp Business API, Chatbot, and Marketing Automation.  Most of the startups need such services, and with mTalkz, they can find these under one umbrella rather than searching multiple providers.

How is mTalkz Different From Any Other Service Provider? 

Customer delight is a way of life at mTalkz. Most of our customers have never looked back once they have on-boarded with us. This achievement is a hallmark of our support teams’ dedication, as they go way beyond the call to help the customers understand the services and how they can be deployed. Our people are specially geared up to understand your business and provide the right advice for startups so that all the services we provide are rightly deployed. mTalkz teams are specially trained to sell with a sense of responsibility towards the success of the client’s business. 

What are mTalkz startup’s acceleration offers?

Mtalkz provides the following exciting SMS offers with best bulk sms package. You can further discuss the offers with our teams on how the other services can be deployed to match your business requirements.

  • Upto 20K Transactional SMS credits/ month for 6 months
  • Upto 20K Transactional SMS/ month + 20K Emails/ month for 6 months
  • Upto 20K Transactional SMS/ Month+ 20K Emails/ month + 20K promotional SMS/ month for INR 2990-/ month

Get a free consultation from our experts. Simply email us at and let us make a difference to your business through Whatsapp Business API and Chatbot automations.

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