To convert prospects into customers, marketing teams employ a variety of strategies. Businesses succeed owing to every strategy’s persuasive, directness, and relationship-building. It eliminates any obstacles that could otherwise keep buyers from completing a purchase.

It accomplishes this by cutting down on response times. The speed is critical, as according to a report 90% of customers consider rapid responses to be essential or extremely important. By offering direct and personalised communication, this strategy also helps clients feel appreciated.

This blog explains how voice outbound services and IVR have uplifted customer experience and increased their trust in conversational marketing. 

Technologies are now capable of delivering on the promise of a completely conversational interface due to the advancement of cloud data and AI. Voicemail uses specialised software to communicate with subscribers in a specific, tailored manner by sending them bespoke Voice messages. The IVR Auto-Attendant is another enhancement that firms have made to their reception service. This function comprises an AI voice that guides callers to particular areas of the business by posing a series of questions to them. Additionally, an increasing number of customers are using voice technology to interact with brands, research and buy items, and engage with businesses and services. As per a recent survey, conducted by PWC, More than 71% of consumers still prefer to use their voice assistants to search for information. 

Sectors Booming with Voice Recording Services

Below listed are some of the sectors that are completely transformed by voice services and IVR systems, growing at a massive rate in terms of customer experience. 

  • Healthcare

Voice services are  frequently used in the healthcare industry to remind patients about appointments, deliver results of diagnostic tests, and remind them to take their medications. Many surveys have been conducted using voice sms messages for gathering inputs regarding vaccination and booster shots. . Healthcare sector is improving its customer service with a greater usage of IVR including both inbound and outbound IVR

  • Travel and Tourism

Unexpected delays or schedule adjustments are among the worst aspects of travelling. To combat this, travel and tourism businesses are adopting voice SMSes to alert travellers more frequently. Some airlines provide voice SMS services to passengers as a way of reminding them to check in or informing them of gate changes and delays. As customers can be more informed, it can bring down ‘no show’ by customers. Apart from airlines and travel companies, hotels also use voice services to enhance the guest experience. 

  • Food and Catering

Ordering food has been completely transformed by voice SMS messaging. For instance, Indian Railways introduced a new “book meals through SMS” service. To make a dinner reservation, rail travellers can send a voice message. This kind of voice SMS marketing makes the life of travellers easy. Additionally, it streamlines the ordering and delivery process for catering companies, saving them time.

  • Real Estate

Building an initial contact with a prospect is the first step in every successful real estate transaction. Voice SMS marketing is being used by real estate brokers to increase leads and sales. They can send appointment reminders, notify their clientele of new listings in their target areas, and save time by voice SMSing important information to clients rather than leaving emails that are unlikely to be read.

  • Banking and Finance

Consider the most recent payment or transaction made by the businesses in the bank. To complete the transaction, they probably had to enter a one-time password or a two-factor authentication code. SMS can help banks improve client engagement and boost security. Banks provide services that let consumers hear voice alerts concerning low balances, significant transactions, and account activity. They can keep a careful eye on their accounts using any of these services.

The popularity of voice SMS services has skyrocketed in recent years. With the help of Mtalkz, the leading cloud communication platform, businesses can harness voice services to enable business and users to connect with each other easily. Utilise hands-free, effective communication methods that are more “human-like” and “personalised” than other channels.